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This fixed-point three-point shot is OK

I think it’s good for the Lakers to trade with Alison if they have personal friends. Now it’s the lifeblood of the service of the Laker team.

It’s that the whole team has made a bad penalty. He made a good penalty. In addition, he is also the second place of the fixed-point three-point vacancy in the Laker team after Hart. Well, I’m not very clear about this, because I haven’t seen the data, but it’s OK from the feeling on the field. This fixed-point three-point shot is OK, unlike Bohr or Ingram. Now James’s three-point shot tends to be stable.

The key three points have been stopped for several times, not all of which are very good. Well, let’s just talk about it. Now, it’s a question whether the player, bohr and Popper, can play in the playoffs and have a place in the playoffs, because I don’t know if the Lakers will be classic for this lineup.

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Let’s see who is the box office this yea

This, these, similar to these things, I don’t want to talk about him. Let’s see James Durant, curry, Leonard harden and others. Let’s see who is the box office this year, or curry Durant, who has more votes. In the end, it’s James station. It’s still curry strategy, James team and Durant team, Durant team and curry team.

This year’s All-Star team will be determined. Then I believe that if Durant can get this year’s All-Star box office, then he can be shaken when he gets the championship next year. That’s not status. At this time, we have to call it in reverse, duzhanku or moderate zhanka. But if we can’t achieve this achievement, first of all, your stepping stone is not hard enough.

For Durant, for Durant fans, today. Dad Durant meets the first person in the league. First of all, you have to win the All-Star ticket king. If you want to get the approval of more people, then you can realize this. If the ticket net is still in James’ hands, then I believe James will not be the first person in the League.

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Let’s talk about the adjustment of the Lakers later

There have been physical conflicts and fights. Of course, we are talking about fights and competitions and so on. So far in my whole career, I’ve been expelled from the field with only one ball.

It can be said that the probability is quite low. It’s quite low off the field. James responded forcefully to Barkley that I don’t have off the field. What a mess! I don’t have these scandals. Do you dare to say these things word for word?

It’s a joke that Barkley has a lot of mess. His mouth is so smelly and he always talks about others. In our program, we often criticize James. Today, he lost the game again. It’s very bad. Let’s talk about the adjustment of the Lakers later. It’s quite good to have the chance to win Anthony Davis.

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Why is the excellent team of the Raptors so good League

What to say, thunder and rockets must be good-looking, right? And why are you going to want the Lakers and warriors? Right, this is something that has been set in the early season. Right, it’s a kind of pre judgment in the league. There are only two possibilities.

One is that he thinks that it is just what seven people can be. Yes, he thinks the Raptors will not have too much next year. It is simple to say that the prospect of the dragon team will not reach the first level of the Eastern League or not be optimistic about her or not to see him. I am sorry to take a call. I’ll tell you so this kind of report is either translation, type error or understanding error.

Or you report is born with a very poor level. Is this annual Christmas War customized after that? On December 24, you announced that you booked your tickets and flew over to call me. We have done this before the game. All the schedule has been arranged. How can wade say this? I can’t understand. I can only say that if Viagra said this, then Wade must be surprised or say, why is the excellent team of the Raptors so good League.

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It’s hard to imagine that a star can get this kind of data

Three guards, ah, the starting method is quite advanced. Ah, it seems that everyone can you. Well, a friend asked me why I broke down the beta. What a pity. Let’s focus on it. I believe there are many fans who are also, er, saddened by this player. The name of Michael Carter is also gorgeous.

We have said, er, when is this player. Well, yes, so personally, we care about him from his debut. That’s true, because as a young player, the nba new season, or, er, I remember that he had a highlight performance when he just entered the NBA. It’s so eye-catching.

It’s shocking to the world. I feel like I’m just beginning to get familiar with it. I don’t know when, ah, I’ll get this epic level data. Well, it’s hard to imagine that a star can get this kind of data.

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It’s too early to play until 25-6

Well, in the fourth episode, it is a team that is thrilled without James. It needs the testimony of the veteran. Especially James, who has the effect of fixed sea acupuncture, can’t do it without it.

And fans, and anti James, ah, black James fans and other fans, right? And say how good these young players are, how talented and so on, ah, it’s too early to play until 25-6, right. I can see the beginning. I can see how the quality of the player is. When I reach 27.8, I can harvest the championship. So, according to my personal judgment, it is almost time to come out.

Now it is not suitable to fall down.??It’s dangerous, right, well, if you don’t come out, accumulate this, uh, this winning game, then it’s going to be later, playoffs to the end of the season, and there will be people who have to fight with jazz, right, maybe the pioneer Spurs will fall.

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This seems to have never appeared in the first edition

It’s all this brainless, head, brainless voting. It’s not rational. It’s impossible to be rational. But the coach also needs wallpaper. Whoever plays well will vote. Ah, so Cassius is out. Is it right? Can green be elected? It’s a problem. Green has no brilliant performance this year.

This seems to have never appeared in the first edition. I can’t see anything else every day. It seems to have never appeared on the floor. So, er, the probability of being selected is relatively low. It’s less than 30%. Now, take a look at the west, ah, James, one holding something, one Durant, one Paul, one George, four Durant, er, plus Anthony Davis, you must choose. Although the record is not good, right?

The back court, the guard position, er, curry. Right? Ross, well, there are only nine people, how about the others? How about the other three? This is Thompson. Anyway, you have to give him 10 right ones. What do you do later? What do you do with drow, Zan and so on? Make up lessons.

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The overall strength of the Lakers will have some

It means that after packing, ah, after some wolves packed by James Londo, so the Lakers can go out. The Ingram family Bartz and Hart, even popup, can switch the contract at will. It is really not possible.

I think it’s OK to pack up Anthony Davis with Ingram and Kuzma to go home and go to school. The Lakers have both all star players once they have James and Anthony Davis. So we say, this year, the probability of good results is not very big, ah, not very big because, the overall strength of the Lakers will have some, decline.

You rely on James and Anthony Davis alone, these two players you rely on these two players you will play the post-season game is still very hard because now we are all. The big three, the four, even the five, are not likely to be small. Then the Lakers will rely on the foundation next year. The appeal of the two of them will be to recruit another superstar. They are recruiting Thomson or maybe the Butler Jimmy Butler Leonard.

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It depends on James playing for so many years or playing with outside shooters

There was a program about choosing the first, the second and the third gear. We don’t have to repeat too much here. It depends on James playing for so many years or playing with outside shooters. He has the highest efficiency and is better at playing what he is familiar with. It’s just like the heat. It’s too early to say that the heat are the same as the heat. What is cooperation? What is Zhang Wei? If you contact , you’ll hit two or three great goals every game. Right?

The heat’s lineup is mainly based on Weide. James has no cooperation in the outside line, bosh and James. Bosh has been defeated by James. My little nephew went to shoot three points, that is James, that is to say, you pull me outside, you leave me the space, you roll out, right? I break in, you are outside, wait for me, I pass the ball to you, you are afraid that Wade is the one who leads the three points. Wade has cooperation with James, right?? contact hello.

But I also have cooperation with bosh. I’ll go and have a good look at the fight between Wade and bosh. The cooperation is small and subtle. Wade and Bosh turn and turn and turn and pull out this opportunity. Do you see James and Bosh turn and turn and turn around him or not? James, not to mention not around the boss. James said you get out of here.

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These two players will have fresh contracts by the end of this season

It’s almost the same. It’s all about this season. One is the local contract, and the other is the option to jump out of the players. If you remember it wrong, I hope you can give this index. These two players will have fresh contracts by the end of this season, so if you can. Cutler, if he wants to go too far, give it to Harris.

If Harris wants to go too far, they will give it to Butler. It doesn’t matter. Or if both of them can reduce interest rates, they can sign at the same time. Then this championship team can build a complete team, sign a four-year long contract, and then sign a long-term contract. Simmons, the release of the new pastor doesn’t matter. Well, the good thing about this team is that enbid grows up. Simmons also grows up with two players as the cornerstone.

This team is very stable now, with these veteran players. For experienced veterans, it’s very possible in the playoffs. Well, we said two things. First, I don’t believe that I’m prepared for the next day. Ah, just in case, Jimmy Butler, ah, this run away. Of course, it’s possible that both of you will go away. You’ll both go away.

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