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Who left us a message saying such meaningful words

Let’s focus on the record. About 56 programs, we all talk about this. Let’s get to the point and talk about weishao. Weishao’s record field average is three. What does it mean to score Wang’s triple doubles and park envies triple doubles and triple doubles? A lot of fans think it’s meaningless to say such words.

Just now there was a player, a fan, who left us a message saying such meaningful words, so James always missed one or two goals or two assists. Why didn’t he brush it out. It’s not going to fight, right?

We said before that it doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, but it means James doesn’t want to do it. It’s very simple. We left a message before. Is it meaningful to be admitted to university? Is it meaningful that you can’t be admitted? Is it meaningful that it doesn’t mean to be admitted to university.

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There were some netizens who might have doubted our prediction

Actually, it’s like this. Ah, do you understand? Wade is a triple double athlete. Ah, his whole career directly covers up his triple double ability. Oh, tell a joke, tell a joke, ah, it’s very good-looking. I should go and have a look. I have to watch it tonight. Well, another thing is that before, there were some netizens who might have doubted our prediction. At least in terms of the results, what he said was exactly the same. You can go to see that the pioneers certainly don’t want to touch the warriors.

No one will want to touch the warriors, so he’s here. 23 this position, ah, is to die, like to fight the warriors in the Western Conference finals, even if this season’s success, for the playoffs team, ha, it’s more self-evident to go after work, so the Rockets don’t want to fall in the fourth sentence.

Well, er, there’s no way for the jazz. I don’t know if it’s wrong. We should say that it’s the pioneers, right? The pioneers, climbing to the third sentence is to avoid the early meeting with the warriors. So, it’s an inevitable trend to fight like this and strive to win.

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The full length is also ahead of the game

Rockets, now playing three guards is more scientific, it seems that playing jazz is still very useful, but we always have to say, ah, three guards are too short, this is a congenital defect, congenital fatal injury, right, to achieve the Warriors team, ah, everyone is tall, you head in the same position, everyone tells you a head.

Right? It’s hard to say where your advantage lies, right? So you all say that our rhythm is not right. We don’t play our own game because of our opponents. Right? It’s also, um, an understandable place. It’s also, um, an explanation place. Finally, we have to mention, our personal opinions, this series or the next series. If there are some cases, I can say, Capella, as we have said before, when Capella plays in the playoffs, it may take a lot of time. Of course, er, today’s game is better. It’s a good game.

The full length is also ahead of the game. When it comes to the back, kabela may play for a lot of time. It’s 36 minutes, 38 minutes and even 40 minutes. Don’t be surprised, because kabela is very good now.

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So the transaction value of Anthony Davis is also decreasing

Both teams of both sides are losing in double. It’s a waste of the whole season. So the transaction value of Anthony Davis is also decreasing. What the Lakers can give is also decreasing.

Ah, um, including what Angie said before, it’s cheating. We say Angie is an old man. Ah, you and he will provide Jay Brown’s Tatum trading chips for Anthony Davis, unless he is very kind-hearted, unless he is directional, then I personally think that under the premise that Celtic can’t get through a certain situation if they can’t provide them.

The transaction framework given by the Lakers to Ingram and thorber is also an ideal one. If the draft is bigger and the right is matched, the salary transaction has been basically reached, because in the current league, whether the New York Knicks can provide the third line is a problem. Why.

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We say today is much lower than that of getting the third giant through trading

It’s good for the team to do something. It’s necessary to trade Paul. But the price you have to pay is to match coffee or Gordon’s contract.

We have said in previous programs, including today’s report that the Rockets may take kabela and Gordon. Ah, to change some players to form the big three, but you have to know that this operation is very difficult, that is, the difficulty of signing a free agent as we say today is much lower than that of getting the third giant through trading, so this year, these players, these teams sign the free agent exchange reform. In addition, the pattern of the next three years is very important. In one year, we should be optimistic about it.

My personal tendency is to trade Paul. Even if it’s the price of matching kabela or Gordon, Paul should be eliminated. It’s important to improve the performance of the Rockets. If it’s good for the overall combat capability, then some fans said that it’s common for fans to trade Capella and Paul. It’s a common recognition that everyone wants Rockets fans to trade Paul, but they are suffering from the contract.

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