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Morris??s betrayal of Brisbane

It??s not that the team in your off-get off work division can be turned over if you want to. The probability is very small, very small, very small, but because of Morris??s betrayal of Brisbane, there is nothing to say.

The letter caused an indirect loss for the Spurs, and Carroll’s goal can only be said. Let??s add a substitute. It won??t make a big difference. You can see that he is now full of wounded soldiers. This tormented player is also getting older in the first quarter. Supplement No. 3 comes out at the end and supplement is not typical but Morris does.

The candidate for the Spurs, I am now in New York, and the center of 15 million has played such luxurious data and played such luxurious data. There is one that is now, the opposing scoring champion, can you imagine that the sickness rate increases by three points The hit rate increased by 20 homes.

Take it, the ultra-low annual salary of 15 million is 15 million. We said that Bliss is not a panacea or a savior, but it is too important for the Spurs. He has missing personnel at this position, defender line, and mail. Played in the forward position, so the guards.

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