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The team should respond quickly to strengthen the team

Maybe the three giants, including the Rockets, must be formed through trading, not through the naked signing of the players’ team. Then the Lakers have sent out a lot of draft right now.

Therefore, the bargaining chips that it can trade in the future are equal. Recently, with Leonard and Paul George joining the Clippers. Whether the Lakers or the Raptors, the team should respond quickly to strengthen the team.

There are many young and excellent players in the free market. They should base on the present and strive for it. They must also make a big disclosure of Nader and Paul George when they play the Clippers next year.

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It is also a part of the competition

Paul George, dragged the Lakers to death. In fact, it’s the same thing. Right? You do what you do, I do what I do. You do it on the first day of the first year, and I do it on the 11th and 15th.

Therefore, neither team is a good bird. On the road to the championship, it is also a part of the competition. In fact, there are still a lot of them. It will be released in September, October and November, including the next February.

There is still a possibility of trade for each team competing for the championship. Then, there are rumors that the Westbrook thunder team is going to trade Westbrook. So the next program says that we should educate Westbrook this morning.

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The attack power is very strong

Anthony, Davis, after the trailblazers 4-0 counter attack, 4-0 counter attack, the following offense to kill the Blazers, this lineup is very powerful, in the absence of thinking ah this premise, um, I told the netizens, ah, caucins Anthony Davis, the inside double tower has attack ability and super attack ability. The earth is OK. The Kesha warriors are natural Kesha warriors. This is a dead lineup.

Because basketball, these players, are playing these teams. Generally, one team plays as high as the other. If there are no two players, the attack power is very strong.15926181636641

Is there a team in the league that can control the warriors? It’s because the warriors’ lineup is to supplement and target their own lineup, but they didn’t say which one. Almost on such a maverick, with their own style of play to suppress, ah, the warriors inside the double tower, it is possible, but also very effective and effective, so that other teams are passive on the warriors, but on the Warriors is active, just test.

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It’s possible that the Lakers fans will also like these three giants

Did you make a lot of money? The Celtics didn’t make any big moves this summer. What should be released and what should be left was left.

Walker was a single parent. He came back. So what he lost was only money. His other things and capital had not been lost. Hayward, the contract was thrown out and added. Before the first round of five rounds. Even if it’s six rounds, right, five plus one, four rounds or four plus three three three rounds, the last two rounds. OK, then wesbrook’s Celtics can look forward to it.

Yes, it’s possible that the Lakers fans will also like these three giants, right, Kush? That’s half a giant, 2.5 Let’s go, pants. Add some mess. We’ll make a contract. Come on, ah, I’m Brooke’s feeling too. Bad things can be changed. However, from the thunder team’s view in , from this point of view, the Celtics can lead the two teams ahead of Westbrook’s trade, so the Lakers are in a dilemma.

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