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It’s a disaster if you lose a game

73 win 10 lose 9 divided by 82 should be about 90% less than 90%. In other words, if you win or lose in 10 games, you can answer it without watching the game. If he wins, he thinks you are tolerant, and your error rate is only 10%. The warriors at that time were powerful fans, lucky and confident.

So now warriors fans, James fans, also need this quality. Don’t worry about the gains and losses of a game.?01 Just in the past, we often play the content of the competition. I really think that after we have finished this program, how can we just listen and not point out our mistakes in the program? Ah, we should speak enthusiastically and point out the mistakes and omissions in our program. Anyway, I watched it for a while, because our game started from the second quarter and the third quarter.

From the second half, we saw that the first half should be 50 level and 40 level ahead by more than 10 points. We started to watch from the second half. The program said that James was an abnormal performance in this game, hit, ah, three-point projection.

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It can only make minor repairs and make up big moves

Every three-point is not terrible, 2900, three-point is not a number, I can say so much, curry fans, to be alert, to be very, alert, like Curie, um, there is not much time ah, this palm fracture, should be good and not slow ah, can quickly come back to tears. With his own three-point number, try to avoid Hadden surpassing in a short time. OK, let’s talk about this missile. It can be traded for his current team.

It can only make minor repairs and make up big moves. If you want to move, you can only get Gordon’s contract. Cabella’s contract, to do the article Hadden and weishao, just started the season to combine, now can play this record, I think it can, because the guard position is the core position, um, is a major operation, so you have to give him time, you have to give him space to let d’antony.

This problem is solved well. But you should know that Gordon’s contract is a high-quality contract and a low-cost contract. This contract is very valuable. If you want to make an article, you can only make an article from this contract. Ka and PELA are the only children of the missile team.

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A team with big ups and downs and no experience

But the data, indeed, quite, outstanding, Carroll said after the game, he is so, said that the thunder team has three guards, attack extremely excellent, the top ball, lost to the thunder is no wonder who ah, the Mavericks are now a new army. Well, this ability has ups and downs, and the record has ups and downs. Besides, thunder team is not weak. He is not a typical playoff team. He is a pseudo strong team in a typical sense.

His strength is not very strong, but it is. If you really want to be up to you, if your condition is not very good, ah, it is relatively stable. It plays against you, a team with big ups and downs and no experience. He is still good at it. He likes to bully the weak team and lose to the strong team.

The team is not easy to be provoked. It’s really bad. Why do you say this thing? You have a look. Carroll’s expression means that thunder has three guards, top guards, he has top organization ability, he has top attack ability, and he is an opponent that can’t be ignored. Now, ah, the League presents a situation, you can go and have a look, because front line players are the positions that everyone competes for.

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The Nuggets still stood at the top of the west

In the end, it was killed by the pioneers. However, the funding C was better than that of the pioneers, and the Nuggets still stood at the top of the west, ah, the top two, so we need to study. As he told me, if the nuggets can get it, don’t be too self-conscious. If the Lakers are willing to take bertans, it’s natural that they should not pay too much attention to this. They can also, can’t, er, if they can change a bad thing, they don’t care too much about not changing business. It doesn’t matter because you took bertans as a tactic and classic, didn’t you?

Then you gave up your pants, as well as their athletic ability and athletic ability, and the team with the ability of running without the ball. Can I see the pants now? Are you energetic? Willing to do these things?

Other teams. Among the players’ teams, other players play standing, sitting and leaning against each other, so I feel that, ah, the Nuggets’ dabertans is more difficult and difficult than paying the first round, signing, and the price net’s return. The price of the first round signing is really too heavy, which side of the meeting signing the first round is uneasy.

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Let’s observe and see if there is any follow-up

Status, this position, this thing really needs to be accumulated over the years. Fans should have a good reputation, a good relationship with the media, and be harmonious. All of these are necessary. So, compared with the bright one we mentioned before, it will damage the interests of fans. Fans’ heart, but I don’t know whether this thing is a fact or a fiction. From the bottom of my heart, I don’t believe it very much.

Ah, I don’t want to have such a silly person, right? I can say it’s a kind of stupid honesty and honesty. I have to believe that it may really be what he said and did.

So, let’s observe and see if there is any follow-up. If there is any correction, if not, it is the best. It doesn’t matter whether the fans under our leadership should always pay attention to us and whether there is a Finals or not. I don’t know whether there is a western finals or not. I don’t know if there’s a semi-final. I don’t know if there’s a semi-final. Well, let’s talk about the All-Star vote. I’ll say, it’s those Jamie black friends. I think you’re stupid and want to pull James down.

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How come we got up this morning and saw a piece of news

This team is not very good to coo, so the western competitive environment is too fierce, now the Jazz team, also climbed to the western second position, tied for the second and nuggets, and before you, you can’t imagine ah, so we. As for the evil playoffs, it’s possible for us to get up and down.

How come we got up this morning and saw a piece of news, which made us feel moved. What we are doing in this program is about Perkins and Durant, and they start to retreat. As for the thunder team, who is the best in the history of the thunder team, we only talk about the thunder team’s opponents. I don’t care about the song name.

Ah, what I’m talking about is this Perkins. What he said is that Wei Shao weisbruck is the opponent’s addition of the thunder team. Let me give you my personal opinion. You have to say it’s thunder team and team Shi. I also think it’s wishbrook. Er, I think so. Durant obviously expressed dissatisfaction with this kind of cold, and began to pinch and hate each other again. Playing Durant has been relatively quiet this year.


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It doesn’t look good after a long time

Unfortunately, I can be a lot of mistakes. As long as I have, once I succeed, I will succeed, right? In the end, that’s not to say that I will win the championship, that is how to do well. Everyone’s goals are different. Some bosses want to win the championship, some bosses use this honor, property, money and income, right. The expectation of yearning for harmony is different. So the eagles should not expect too much from him. I don’t think it’s strange for him to take anyone. I don’t think it’s strange for him to make any kind of trade.

The main thing is to talk about it. Let’s release the Timberwolves and Hawks. Today, we still see and. Godorsedra, the palace’s negotiations and deals failed. Drummond ran to you, the eagles, what to accompany you, itching to spend your youth, do you, demand is not young, ah, people also earn enough money, also want to go to a strong team, year after year in the playoffs 789 this position. It doesn’t look good after a long time. Is it that a man of great age has not said anything about this Timberwolves’ trading representative? I’ll take a look at the client’s contract. It’s an expired contract. It’s an expired contract. I’m right about it. First of all, this one.

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These two brothers are also the same as the second general

For several consecutive games, they are all high attendance rate and high shooting times. This, too, needs to knock the Clippers. Attack you like this, single core led the team, ah, of course, Luwei played very good recently. He played very well. His head and melon were quite clear. Ah, the cooperation with Halier is getting better and better. I observed that Lu Wei also climbed to the position of the team’s internal attack assistant king. He basically played with Harry again.

These two brothers are also the same as the second general of hem and ha, so it is not too much for the fans of the missile team. Go, why, because the missile said to us that she was against any team in the league, any team. Of course, we mean the standard strong team within the playoffs. So, the pseudo strong teams don’t have to say much, right? It’s good for two all stars to fight these pseudo strong teams, just for some of these standard strong teams.

In fact, the winning rate of the Los Angeles Clippers, the clippers, and so on are controlled at 50%, and no one said that they can take advantage of it. Therefore, I think that I personally think, ah, don’t pay too much attention to it. You can just watch it as an ordinary game. In the end, it’s very important to play in the playoffs or fight for one state.

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In accordance with the principle

It’s absolutely not so bad. Ah, I always think that the success of the warriors depends on the Blazers. Ah, although there is no water spray brothers, ah, I also told me that I also have expectations for the warriors. You are a computer now. I think personally, I think the champion signing is very good. What is the most important major now? It is that if you can get the champion’s signature this year, if you can get it successfully, there should be no big accident. This curry and Thomson, I think, may be just putting on a show.

In accordance with the principle, curry now has a good reputation. It’s time to start training and play. By February or mid February, or even March, he will be able to come out and start fighting. But is it meaningful? In March, April and may, there will be more than 20 games before you can play. Is it meaningful to play in the postseason? I believe it is impossible, right? The western competition and environment are so fierce. Let’s face it. It’s very important for the warriors to get the champion’s signature. It’s reflected in the professional circle. The champion’s signing is mainly to cooperate with Russell and Lhasa to package and trade some high-quality assets, which can help the warriors to attack the championship. The champion cooperates with curry and Thomson, Egyptian green and even the champion to sign the champion.

I think it is very valuable to use the number one signature. Ah, if you lose the number one signature, you won’t either. Play the record you need, at least the eastern championship or the Western championship, then the higher is the championship, right? When the Cavaliers won the champion, I lost the exchange of love, that is to see the technical combat effectiveness of love. Now I am. Ah, it also proves that the decision is correct. It is absolutely necessary to be wise and powerful, and has won the cup.

Therefore, it is necessary to see how the warriors understand each other. Does he think that. For example, Thomson and some of the so-called “real-time combat” can rush out of the west, because the new competition environment in the west is too fierce. Ah, even if the Lakers do something about the clippers and the Clippers this year, they can make up for it next year. Lu Wei will trade with another coach, a barber, and Luwei. What about the team.

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The score went up too fast

The score went up too fast. It took only three minutes to go from five to 22. It took me only three minutes. Ah, it really surprised me. What happened? In the second half of the game, I watched the replay and looked at what I wanted to say. I don’t know. I still don’t know whether he can do it or not. But the Spurs often play this role. Ah, 5.3 today, T-Mac played three minutes. 17 minutes. Er, I am still me. b58f8c5494eef01f8302dc205d22b722bd317d21.

The technical characteristics are relatively rough. I still think his technical characteristics are relatively rough. I haven’t seen it for an hour. At least, I didn’t see the three-point long-range shot and four three-point scoring in this game. However, his three-point four-point three-point three-point three-point three-point, three-point three-point three-point three-point three-point three-point three-point, three-point open position. I believe it.

He may also be able to make one, five out of eight, six out of eight, which should be the head of the ball. It is absolutely big. Three vacancies are on the right side, almost close to the position. One is on the left side or need to be observed to see if it is accidental. But it is worth mentioning that I have seen whether I have read correctly or not.