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If the Rockets can’t play this game

This kind of play, anyway, then look down, almost yes, there are still some players who need to play, some players need this contract, right? Some players don’t want to be traded, then I don’t play well, right? So this game, almost, ah, it’s a seven or eight success force. If the Rockets can’t play this game. No, I think the tears of this kind of lineup are sometimes good and bad, but instability is a problem. Well, it is bound to be won today. We must take it up. If we don’t answer, we should have a good review. Basically, this is the case. Er, the Rockets, this is the home team of our Chinese fans, many fans. Yes, there are still many hopes in the region. I hope the Rockets can play well. But in the end, it depends on what kind of team the Rockets are after coffee Rafa comes back. Ah, it’s too early for us to go and see him. It’s not the time now. All the analysis, except that there is no way to do it now.


As a soldier, too many demands are not complete. The third line, above this position, still needs to be filled. I personally still tend to make up for it, but the possibility is not very great. If you win continuously, it gives people the feeling that it is the right way, the right way of thinking and the right way of doing it. Then, it is possible that the third line will not be no, no, I will be able to play in the playoffs ??

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These fans just can’t play


You look down on all living beings, right? OK. If you’re not a Jordan fan, you’re not qualified to say that. Third, those who say James has problems handling key balls dare not take responsibility. These fans just can’t play. You are a group of reckless people. Old man, there is no wisdom at all, right? Playing basketball is to win the game, no, the fight of friends is not the news of friends, right, you know this, please don’t throw, I’m three points behind now, I want to level my wall, ah, you lose the game, what do you do, you bear, don’t take responsibility, right. It’s the right choice for players who have a higher percentage of hits. This is the right choice. It’s a high IQ player. Only you idiots can’t do this. They have to be strong. Right? That’s right. They’re just bullies.

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the Rockets are called huddle

If you want to say, the league is not qualified to win the championship is the garbage of sand, right? Not the warriors are also warriors, Durant is also a group of right, the warriors, together to black, right? Anyway, is to go to the Rockets are called huddle, right? This is the extreme ignorance. This kind of primary school students are so ignorant that you have to know that James is a man written into history, and James is written into history. Men, you have to know that if you don’t respect him, you don’t respect the history of NBA. You know, there is a Jordan in nb70, 50 years in addition to James in 30 years. Kobe, Duncan and O’Neal are all very difficult, they are not copied template, do you know, who copied Jordan, who copied Jordan, who is responsible for it, James, who copied it? Ah, in 50 years, whether there is such a player like James, such an all-round player, you can count on the next 50 years.


There will be another one, right, including the cruel officials. Curry may not have so many, but I believe that in 20 or 30 years, there may be a worry that can be copied. Right? You go to black James, do you want to face? What angle do you have? What angle do you want to go to black James? Unless you are a fan of Michael Jordan, he doesn’t say that you look down on everything.

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Degradation of Hayward contract is the Celtic delay!

Now, officials agree that there are new developments and new news in the transaction rumors that have been maintained. In the United States, local people say it, and reporters SM, ah, ah, come out to settle Davis. Saliva Jiajia belongs to the Laker team and says she doesn’t want to. Going to the Celtic team to the Celtic elite is also for the team. This is a lease relationship continuation problem, which is ignored. Ah, the main reason is that it is involved. In this contract, she is not sure whether Owen will make a long-term contract with Celtic this summer. Ah, we said before, oh, er, these things have been basically covered by the goods. Well, all the assumptions have been included now.


Davis’s idea of modern times and the comments in this respect have also verified many of our views. Er, Anthony Davis’s speech is actually very simple, that is to say, you can get my people, but you can’t get my heart, can you? I’m just a continuation. Ah, about a lease contract of the U.S. team, in other words, at the end of this contract, I will definitely not play in your team. The problem of efficiency is that I will only choose my favorite family. Now the first choice is the Laker, but if you don’t lose, it must be the Laker.

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For the Raptors

How important it is for a team. You can do whatever you want. Guess? Ah, can’t you really see the tearful attack? No, it’s not. Well, the player is the first in the evening. He must have an advantage over this small family when he is young. Playing in the playoffs is a treasure. It shows that the advantage of the big bowl has been cooperated for such a long time. For the Raptors, it is also a very stable asset. But after Xiaojia comes, what kind of player do you use and treat it.


It’s open to discussion. Ah, on the contrary, you can play the main force. You can directly enter the main force, start first, and you don’t need to run in. It can be plug and play. But after Xiaojia takes it, there are more than 20 matches and less than 30 matches. Let him play with the team. I don’t think it’s a problem to play the second round, but do you feel a little uneasy when you go to play the eastern finals, so I think the probability of this transaction is extremely small, less than 1%, ah, if it is in case of being hit in the face by unfortunate words. Well, my personal tendency is that I don’t think the Raptors will be able to win in the Eastern Conference finals. Ah, I’m not optimistic about it. I think it’s possible for the Raptors to compete in the Eastern Conference finals of the playoffs. I’m still inclined, er, that this bucks team will take advantage of other teams. Because it’s too late, the lowest, one point, two points, um, the recent record is very good, and the team is also very complete, ah, there is no need to do such a big exchange, ah, this is a breaking deal, ah, it will destroy the team, so I personally think that the view of this transaction is like this.

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Raptors is in a bad head

Li Yongbo, a young player, seems not to be young. For example, I am a player who, er, is subject to the brilliance of one or two games, playing with crazy rebounds and crazy rebounding ability. Ah, it’s so good to play the ball. After playing a good game or two, I’ve signed this big contract. Do you see if he has such good luck behind him? I think it’s very difficult. Well, the fox tail is exposed. Yes, the mule is a horse. It has been put forward. As for the transaction of kanglijia, Xiaojia, Lori, Jiajia and dawuanzi, I personally think that it is extremely impossible to reduce the possibility to less than 1%.


We said that we would change the contract, which is also rubbish. Exchange, Kangli and Xiaojia. We should change this Lori plus, the big bowl. Unless the management of the Raptors is in a bad head and takes a large bribe, we will do it. We know that we are very busy now. Winning, ah, Lori, in fact, played a very important role in, ah Lori this year long average assists to 9.5, ah, some time ago also reached 10 assists, 10 assists point guard

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the Rockets, the deal

But we have also emphasized that if there is a contradiction. He’s always on the side of the poor, and then as long as we’re talking about this kind of trade rumors, we basically say that we’re always on the side of the players. There’s only one reason, that is, the players are all vulnerable groups. We have the same opinion with James. Well, we’ll see the rockets again today. As like as two peas know all about the time, ah, this commentator also stressed that I said, ah, the Rockets, the deal, James and the Lakers. Now these things a359b033b5bb5c9eafcbba8755672fb073bf3b3abre right. They are exactly the same as ours. Ah, we commentary also said, ah, now, ah, commentary is right.


Magic Johnson, there are some complaints. In today’s program, we said that the management is very water. We said that we wanted to trade. It was better to take down the poor acting skills of magician Johnson by tearing ourselves down first. Ah, some netizens gave us a description. Poor acting skills. We think the term is very clear. Ah, as we said before, the Los Angeles team is still flirting with Jabari Parker. It’s just a kind of poor performance. Jabari Parker should be traded directly now.

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Jabari Parker is doing for $20 million

Have you been directly traded by the bulls, traded, dropped, or gone to the Lakers? You didn’t go to the Lakers, right? So you don’t have to watch these. This is totally fake news. It’s too obvious and transparent. What you can think of with your toes doesn’t need to be discussed. Some fans need to have a netizen leave us a message. It’s obvious that Jary Parker didn’t have to answer a lot of questions about the program that we did two days ago.


What kind of lineup does the Laker want? Three 30 million plus a pile. Ah, the veteran’s base salary is increased. Two middle-class families have fresh walnuts. That’s it. Ah, this is the structure of the team’s lineup. You can go and see what Jabari Parker is doing for $20 million. 20 million dollars, first of all, you, the team can’t meet, you, with Jabari Park, you can’t bring in the third 30 million players, right? And then he can’t play at the level of 30 million players. What are you going to do, 20 million, contract? I’ll tell you now. Stuck in the throat, there is no contract. A team without a champion team will ask for this kind of contract, with 10 million, 14 million, 15 million reluctantly accepted and 20 million contract

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CI. After the contract is finished this year

Its main goal is not to cultivate zubartz and so on. Let’s go, CI. After the contract is finished this year, we will sign a second contract this summer. The second contract is not given to him by the Lakers. How many thousands of yuan can be given to him. It’s appropriate to calculate according to the dollar. According to normal speaking, if you finish the second contract, 90 million yuan will be given in five years, 80 million yuan in five years, 50 million yuan in five years, 50 million yuan in five years, will not be given, because the contract of 50 million yuan in five years is the contract of 10 million yuan per year, which will consume 8 million yuan.


Another contract will consume at least $8 million in salary space and $8 million in salary space, which is too important for the Lakers. You can sign two veterans’ basic salary, which is a little bit different, right? So zubbutz’s contract was deliberately sold, not Bisley’s contract. I’ll trade him directly. Sell, on the netizen ah message, I saw the first netizen, ah, that is, ah, these comments, ah, that is not in-depth, to think about these things, may ah, for the Lakers, meet ah, no long-term planning and prediction, save money.

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what’s the NBA Corzine

After the fight, Iverson, ah, infinite times, O’Neill said that this Chen bridge hit, head and blood, but Iverson also, Phoenix shadow, before courageous respect ah, achievement, ah, this generation of yingjieha at that time gathered a lot. There are a lot of fans who love Iverson. They are definitely more than cobido. I am very responsible to tell you that Iverson is the first brand in those years. Ah, Iverson Carter and other outside players are all about that. There are few people who like O’Neill. We have said between us, because he is an inside player and a center, right? Not many players are willing to imitate. The heavy player is not beautiful, right? It depends on his body. But I have to say that his dominance in the interior is rare. At least I haven’t seen it for so many years. I haven’t seen it so far. Now, what’s the NBA Corzine? Don’t be disabled in that generation. Big assistant, just use Ewing, chimpanzee and gorilla. You, as a quasi, can beat a few at random. It’s so powerful. The league has changed the rules, changed the defense three second rule, and stood on the inside line. You can’t stand inside all the time.


If it’s inside, how can others play? It’s almost impossible to get in. You can only be outside, project and stand on the inside line, and then you will stop. Basically, all of you will be killed. Iverson is like this. In those years, this was the death of O’Neill, that was the dominance of the inside line

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