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Durant came to the warriors

That’s what life says, isn’t it? If you want to compete for the championship, you’re not here to scratch the champion. Come to pick up the cheap. Now, er, how to say that winning the champion has nothing to do with kausings, right? Well, that’s what it says in your life. Don’t think about her. Every day, you can pick up the cheap. The champion in Durant depends on the real materials, even though he scraped a little bit.


You’re brilliant, right? It’s been a year since Durant came to the warriors, but after Durant came to the warriors, he was really the best player in the warriors. Yes, there’s no dispute about this. But kacins is not the best athlete in the warriors. He can’t change the structure of the film and television. Right? Some friends said that the problem of injury can still come back. I personally think that with my experience, if it is diagnosed as a strain, bye bye. The strain must be no better. At least one month, you can see that James slightly pulled it, repaired it for more than a month, and there is still more than a month to hit when. Ah, if the warriors played faster, the other side, if they played faster, the finals were all finished, and it was waiting for you to recover from injury. At most, I would award you a prize, right? Well, in the end, if there was no state, you would go up to play the finals. I sent you up, right? I wrote so many cities with more than 20 stories. Is it possible for you to go to school? It can’t be. So, uh, how to say that kausins doesn’t represent the warriors, and don’t pull the hatred of Corzine of warriors to the side of warriors. It’s two things to separate.

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The warrior really capsized!

On the third day of the playoffs, let’s talk about the warriors versus the Clippers. We haven’t watched the game yet. It’s 6.7 p.m., er, er, er. Ah, take a rest, and then read this program, ah, this competition, and read it well. It must be very wonderful. Although it is very reversed, I see how the Clippers do it. Lu Wei did it right. Well, how to say that is, er, some friends said that. We don’t want to talk about this question, do you think it’s meaningful if you don’t want to talk about it. You still have to take it for the Corzine warriors.


But do you rely on kausins? The warriors? It’s just enough, right? Prepare one for yourself. Now, you can’t even get double insurance, three insurance, four insurance and five insurance. This is basically the case that four people can win the championship, and they just drag on Tian Ge’s attendance to pass the day. Right? I don’t know how to think of the word “card oil” or “Chen Guanghui”. I don’t know how to think of it. Suddenly, it came out to weigh the brilliance of curry and Durant. I said it deserved it. Yes, this is the competition. Ah, that is, we don’t say, um, er, the problem of injury, that is, whether I should be right or not, that episode should not be said to be life

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the Jazz team has no resistance

In terms of inspection, right? As we said before, the second round of inspection has already decided whether the pistons will end the season with 4-0 or 4-1 or 4-24-2. It’s very unlikely that the end of the season will be 4-0 or 4-1. It depends on the home court of the pistons. Let’s talk about it later.


Well, let’s talk about the team in the evening. What’s the nature of playing in the third game and playing in the fifth game? Let’s talk about the rockets and jazz in the last few nights. We’ve said that. International, we always said that the Rockets played 4-1, we lost, right? Now we are 2-0 ahead. You can see that the Jazz team has no resistance, and there is no resistance. We say that the Jazz have said to the previous programs of this team. If you have been listening to our program all the time, I think we are talking about it. Right? Jazz is a team with mediocre talent for this team. Mitchell, who doesn’t have a star, is just one, right? Compared with Paul and harden’s ability to improve the overall strength of the team, the overall strength is slightly worse. A lot of ah, besides this year’s rice noodles compared with last year’s state, this ability has also decreased, the rocket team’s Hagrid has been raised to a new height. By comparison, the Rockets are still obviously dominant, obviously dominant. I am also testing in the second round, ah, the warriors now have.

Fans who want to turn over warriors are not clippers. Fans are always boring. They want to turn over warriors

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Three games of rockets bucks Celtic home team

Three playoffs. Three games. Three games. Well, it’s in line with everyone’s expectations. Right? Celtic won three games against rockets and bucks. Let’s talk about the Celtics and the Pacers. We’ve all said before that these two teams are based on defense. The defense is excellent and tenacious. Tibet is a wonderful and ugly game. In the last 10 games, we also said that the Pacers are Mammy. How can we match the last one at the last moment. It’s a pity that the Pacers didn’t stand up to the Celtics’ attack, and they were still ahead in the middle. Well, you can see that the Celtics are not so good, right? Not so good. They are two points ahead of the Pacers in the last minute, eh.


I think we should go to the Pacers’ home court to investigate all the difficulties. Now, we are 0-2 behind. Don’t hand in the gun if we can’t. He’s known for his tenacity. He won’t yell and surrender easily, right? And Reggie Miller and Jordan before him, right? Well, Artest’s colorful Jackson and later Paul George Stephenson are like this. Rely on defense. Well, the defense is excellent. For these players, the willpower is very strong. The Pacers turn over the Celtics. We’ve talked about it before. The pistons don’t have much to say about the bucks. In fact, we’ve all talked about a little resistance, right? All the abilities of this team should be in the second place.

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the Spurs and the Nuggets

In the past two or three years, the main focus is on the warriors, rockets and other strong teams, which attract more attention. If you say that you watch more than 20 games, I believe it’s almost right to watch more than 20 games, right? Well, this is a remake. I won’t talk about the automatic video. OK, then I’ll talk about the Spurs and the Nuggets. The direct feeling of the Nuggets is that it’s very simple. It’s easy to play. It’s very tight.


It’s really very, very simple. This, this, this, er, this tactic, I can say, is very simple because you can make me understand it. You know, I’ve made me understand it. What kind of tactics do you call it? You let me know what it’s called. This bullshit tactic, the Spurs, you see me, it’s a mess. I really think it’s a mess to play 78 bad things. We said before that you don’t want to play with Max, you can play routine, but you still can’t play with him. What you think is reasonable is unreasonable on his side.

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The Nuggets lost to the Spurs!

I watched two games last night because I didn’t want to do the program because I saw it very late. My thoughts are also quite confused. Some netizens told us that our voice ah, why do I always change? Do two people know each other well? No, sometimes it’s quieter, and sometimes it’s in a noisy environment. If you want to update the program, I’ll be in a hurry. I’ll have a rest after you finish it, right? You can have a rest when you finish. What we have predicted is accurate. If you say it quickly, it will become a hindsight. There are a lot of aftershocks. I told you that there is too much time to do. Finally, it happened.


It’s a pity, right? There’s nothing to talk about. It’s a very low level, right? It’s a kind of thing. Everyone will say that after the event, Zhuge Liang tells us about the thunder two spurs and the Nuggets Game. We’re serious anyway. After watching it, I feel like, oh, we haven’t seen a few games in the whole season, about two or three games, right? Most of the time, let’s be honest, right? Well, don’t you brag to me. Those fake fans have been bragging to me. Don’t say it. I’ve followed your name for a season.

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Kuri itself is a trend

The three-point king, the three-point king in the playoffs, it’s not easy. You can see that it’s only ten years. In fact, I think it’s still a trend of NBA. The trend is to throw more long-range shots and get more and more attention. This is a trend. It’s a trend, so to speak. Don’t, too much, praise Kuri itself is a trend, you know, ah, everyone is doing this, under the circumstances, ah, of course, some netizens said, then you try to urge the reservoir, I personally think, the library still needs to blow, ah, you say, we have been black Yong Shi to ah, heikuli and so on, right? It’s time to evaluate. They will seriously and correctly evaluate it, don’t mention us. We said that if we play well, we should praise them. If we cross, we should criticize them. Right, you should say that the blowing level of you primary school students is really limited. You should listen to me blowing water. Let’s open your eyes and find their lives in the NBA two days ago.


When I saw an article, an article, a reward, a good one, said Lillard, it was a cool range. Well, I think it’s not easy to have a personal evaluation and this directionality in winning the official media portal on COM in NBA. You have to know the official media, ah, what he said, forced this and this. Every move will have a great impact

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All the great shooters in Curie!

Now the game is still in progress. We will update and share with you as we watch it. Er, I mainly want to watch the rockets and jazz. Yeah, because of the rockets and jazz, then this season, ah, it’s a series, and we’ll play almost two more games. Yes, ah, ah, it’s a complete game. I didn’t see it, but I watched some brochures and so on. I didn’t really read it seriously. So, ah, determination. Jazz came to the Jazz nuggets. Jazz always made a slip of the tongue. He thought it was home. This was to see and test the Rockets. Well, orange, I hope the Rockets will sweep the Jazz 3-0. As we said before, the Jazz team will fall into mediocrity after Mitchell’s ability degenerates. You should remember this sentence, fall into mediocrity, then the Rockets are now shooting three points.


A lot of, ah, there is a lot of investment. Ah, at the end of this season, including now, ah, three points are madly thrown and played back to last season. Now we have to say, ah, three-point is indeed the trend of the league. You should see, ah, to see that curry has also swept away the record of Ray Allen in the postseason and become history.

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Cavaliers’ infinite defense strategy

The main thing is to be afraid of these and those. Fuyun ah, because of the long-range throwing ability, the ability to play this kind of team’s ball is relatively difficult, but now the league, the era of the league, the league, the level of the players inside the league is very low, really bad. Look at Howard, you don’t mean that Howard’s level is low, Howard’s level is poor. If you want to teach him how to dribble and break through. Maybe, you can’t teach him to shoot. Ah, it’s not a waste of opportunity. You teach him to put his head in. Don’t you want him to die? So you can do unlimited defense.


However, in 1516, the warriors won 73-10 this season. After reaching the finals this season, they found that changes had taken place. The elder brother’s leg raising included that the Cavaliers’ infinite defense strategy for the warriors was James’ main attack on curry. You want to change, don’t you want to change it, right? I’m James, holding the ball, playing to defend Owen to do the pick and roll, change to Er this library, right? I’ll play in the library. Because James single plays in the library, whoever spray care will play Curie, right? Don’t you want to change? You want to change, right? I’ll use Owen to play, change to curry, so this is it. Then the problem will change infinitely. If we go to this place, we will have a bug, right

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There is no way to play

We talked about some stories about playing the finals before. Well, I’m not very well dressed. For example, green played to the fifth position. First of all, he has the advantage of weight and strength to drive out the inside players. Right, why does he have to change? Why can he change. In the bottom line position, you will not change, because four people or more people are crowded in a pile, which can not reflect the advantages of exchange. Or in other words, the opponent, in your case, is also crowded in a pile. There is no way to play, that is, it can’t be used. Therefore, this kind of house change is concentrated on the upper limit position.


When I went to play screen pick and roll, I would remind you why it is necessary to change or not to change. The inside center that green defends, the big one will be, and the exhibition will also be Thomson. Thomson will tell you how to change to defense. How can you do this? Because you are far away from the basket, those big brothers, you are in these words. I would like to ask the following big brother, competitive dribble breakthrough, right, um, for the position of free throw line, if you want to make a mistake, you have to be countered by the opponent, so it’s OK to change this position. If you have the same weight, you can do it completely. Even if you have a little loss, it doesn’t matter

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