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Hofford goes to Celtic!

Because it’s not a match day card now, our program is also following the current news. Some netizens support us. Ah, let’s just say two news stories. We were together and found that there was a period of time. The time was not long, and it was enough for more than a day. One is about Huo, Ford, and the second is about Durant. We will talk about hofford first and then about Durant. Durant, ah, avoid, want to listen to Durant’s friends, ah, midway, transfer will be back to listen to our bragging, ah, I hope, Howard can get four years of 100 million, four years of annual salary of 100 million fat contract, also hope that we do not take a slap in the face, we hope that we face, I most hope to see ourselves.


So, er, now there are news, media and professionals. They are optimistic that hofford can get an annual salary of more than 110 million for four years. Ah, it’s quite terrible. I think it’s much better to have one in 14 years. It’s more than 110 million. Ah, if we can get it without us in the NBA, it’s better to hit both sides of the face a little bit. Well, I’m very happy. Ah, I’m happy. I’ll beat both sides of the face for a meal. Then we don’t want to repeat the matter any more. Ah, let’s write a play book. Ah, write a script. It’s my own. Take a look at it. Oh, this story should develop like this. The Celtics have a lot of things because of internal and external troubles. Chen, the champion, is also dreaming

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Compare IQ or Kaizi line!

For hofford to jump out of contract Owen is now. It’s uncertain whether to leave or to stay. In the case of Howard, you are 33 years old, young, strong and powerful. Ah, the contract of 30 million yuan is too small. You should jump out of the contract and sign a long contract of about four years and five years.


So you see, this year, they all jump out of the contract, right? They want to sign a long contract, and they want to get bigger. The contract you have, ah, is the best position in the league. Why don’t you try something? Because hofford thinks it’s the same. He has played me for so many years and has been keeping such a stable state, right? 13 per game. More than 4-point shooting rate is about 50% and 3-point shooting rate. 356 is good, and the number of rebounds is not lower than 67. Compared with me, the center of the big camp, this position, has 67 rebounds, which is absolutely luxury data. 13.4-point luxury data. I can have a try. Ah, it’s really good. OK, I’ll jump out. The activity jumps out of the contract. Er, how many fat contracts are you going to sign with me for Celtic team? Well, we will discuss this matter. Ah, after July 1, we will prove that you don’t praise me? Ah, I’m out of the contract now. We’ll consider the discussion and discussion you told me, right? Broadcast. No, how to say it? Because things change every day. It’s strange that we want to know. But you have to know that the father of Hayward sea is now in a state of dilapidated and dilapidated. When will he survive

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Xiao Hua is funny every day!

Let’s talk about the restructuring of the NBA, because it is also a hot topic in today’s news media. It’s the NBA now, ah, every year, 82 games are changed to 58 games, 29 teams are multiplied by two, each team plays a home and away game, 58 games, and is determined to reduce 20 singing competitions. Well, I’d like to talk about some of my personal views on this matter. Ah, you see a lot of hot discussions from netizens. Ah, I don’t think it’s mentioned. On the point, er, most of the fans are still against it, and a small part of the fans are supportive. It’s probably 7328.

7382 this kind of situation, opposes, partial, the real partial few, then we, do a p01rogram, let, this accounts for 20% 30% of the fans, completely to win over, let this kind of restructuring into a dead letter, let him. It’s over if you don’t reach the top. It’s over if you don’t reach the top. I said, the original intention is good. Since Adam Shaw took office, he has expanded his height and made great strides. Ah, it doesn’t count. He has changed things in small steps. Many feel very good, of course, ah, don’t deviate. So far, it seems OK. Most of our fans may be suspicious of her actions, mainly because of the previous thinking mode, thinking orientation and habitual thinking. I think that the past is good. If you want to change, you will encounter great resistance. Reform? Reform, the resistance encountered, are often, ah, relatively speaking, the biggest change and innovation. This matter is very difficult to come from.

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Fantastic ideas!

So it’s OK to take small steps, er, get the right direction, but ah, this move, ah, reduce the number of regular season games from 82 to 58. I watched the news on June 17 and 15. On the 17th and 15th, some bosses and decision-making levels were convened to discuss this issue. It has not been announced until now. There is no explanation below. Ah, it may also encounter great resistance and problems. Many problems can not be solved, so it is not carried out. I can tell you responsibly that in the past 10 years and 20 years, Adam Shaw assigned us that we should go through at least half of it in 30 years, or at least half of it. Only when we have a little hope that we can carry out this matter, it is impossible to have a great probability. The original intention and starting point are good, which is absolutely, in order to reduce the team’s injury, ah, in order to let these white rotten teams improve their enthusiasm, for, er, many reasons, a lot of reasons, right, but these reasons.


All of them can’t stand the scrutiny. Ah, if you think about it carefully, you’ll find it ridiculous. Ah, we’ll give some personal opinions on this matter. In fact, it’s very simple. 82 games have been reduced to 58 games. What’s your opinion. If the competition is reduced, the competition will be more intense. Ah, because the competition is fierce, because the number of matches is reduced, a victory or defeat may determine the playoffs’ ranking. Of course, you also know that those teams that are badly put off, those who want to be at the bottom and those who get the champion’s autograph are also relative. Will continue to play rotten, because he said because he knows, there is a ball, ah, may have lost before, several games have been burned, the efforts before it are all in vain, so the bad team, ah, how difficult will it be Baidu ah. The first game of the season starts, the first game starts. Well, we know that at the beginning, the team still plays or there is a fight to fight for some tickets. Generally speaking, it is true that the first 20 games are played by the team. After 20 games, it will start.

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The sun is back! Good sign!

Now, Rubio is going to the suns. The Suns can rise. Ah, they can impact the playoffs this year. The Suns who can go to the playoffs lack a good point guard. Now, it takes so much time. Time and time are the price. It’s very good to get the road signs after spending so much. It’s 50 million US dollars in three years, and it’s 1700 million yuan a year. It’s not much different from the 15 million yuan we predicted before.


I feel that this contract is a great benefit to both teams, both teams and players. It is also a fair trade. Er, Rubio can successfully regain his confidence and find himself in the suns. Ah, this recognition, the Du sun team can also pass this strong will. You have to know, ah, the sun team can do anything, everything is ready, only the east wind only owes, roll, the comparison value is 1000, everything else is OK, but the speed is a little too slow. It’s really too slow, the League bottom, the West bottom, next year, we’re going to play in the playoffs. Can we get to the bottom or not? But it’s absolutely impossible to go to the bottom in seven steps. It’s an ideal choice to reach the eight or ninety positions. We don’t just look at these, the championship teams. Small clubs, these potential, stars, the future can, impact the playoffs team, can play in the playoffs team, ah, still need to care about ah, although it will not take a lot of time, OK, let’s talk about the Jazz team success hospital Bogdanovich.

70 million in four years

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New York has given up.

The business owner is proficient in business operation and operation. Er, you can check, um, the pioneers, who is the boss, everyone, after checking, you can immediately gape. If you don’t care, you can pay attention to it. Ah, you will be hungry to know what we are talking about, so that we can talk about what we are talking about, and we can understand how many teams we have opened. It’s good to know that Linux is good. Other explanations are not too much. Now, brother Liang and Jimmy Butler are directly related to the fate of the Los Angeles twins. New York has given up. We usually refer to the New York Knicks, if there is misreading. I hope you can understand that we generally say New York is New York. The Knicks, when you receive it, will bring the right nets directly. My Brooklyn nets are not very familiar with the New York Brooklyn nets. Then Los Angeles, now, the Los Angeles twins and so on. Including, the Laker fans, including the James fans, as long as they haven’t heard, Liang’s news is still possible, right or wrong. We should believe that it’s better for us to draw. We should stand together with the Laker fans and James fans. We believe that brother Liang will join the Laker team and support me and pay attention to us.

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The teams between Bozhong should strive for something

For so many years, the vast majority of the time in the eternal rule of the west, 10 years later, the Spurs and warriors rule all the time, but this year, there was a structure in the 19-20 season. Change, ah warrior, warrior, don’t talk about it, because Thomson’s injury problem hasn’t been solved yet. Let’s wait until it’s solved. The Rockets, the jazz, the Blazers, the Los Angeles Clippers, are all very average teams in these levels, especially. The jazz, the clippers and the Lakers are a brand new team. You don’t know how high, how high and how many drops, but from the perspective of team construction, ah, you can feel that these teams are in the middle of birdsong.


So, ah, if you join these teams, the competition is very fierce in the West. There is not much time. If you go back, it must be very hard for you to recover. We need to advance from 19 to 219 to 20. Every game of these teams in the west is very important, and they often have to strive to win, because the position ranking of the Western playoffs is very important. The teams between Bozhong should strive for something, that is, the home advantage, who has the home advantage, is more likely to win.

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The Laker team has no more salary

Unknown, unprofitable, and everyone yells, no one gets sympathy from anyone, ah, look how many warriors fans sympathize with the warriors for you, a contract? 2.6 million veteran can’t get the base salary. Or, the Lakers gave 900 thousand more. Now, ah, it is rejected by the whole league and any other 29 teams in the league. Ah, 2.6 million, 3.5 million, 35.5 million and 0.5 million can’t get the former League first center, which is only two years. A lot of money, so the choice of life is very important, it’s very important. Once you make a mistake, every step is wrong, wrong, koshins, you should not go to the Laker team. You will have no future. The Laker team, unless you know that the Laker team won the cup? The Laker team has no more salary. It is impossible to give you a better and more generous treatment in the coming year, because only hope that you can play a better performance and achieve higher quality results, then you will be in other places.


Server, the team can only establish good confidence, confidence in you, but now to go to the Lakers, you must be very hard ah, this team now, the construction must be very hard, because in the East in the western environment, in the western environment. The competition is, it’s terrible

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Westbrook is really going!

All aspects of the news, now the thunder team, ready to trade, wesbrook is also listening to the team win. Luke’s offer is not just rocket. Ah, we have to sigh that if a company’s strategy changes, then its main business may be ceded. The league, including any team, is in. It is said that players and team players are always vulnerable groups. It is the relationship between employers and employees, ah, the relationship between employers and employees, ah, employees are always passive.

timg (15)

Therefore, we should be tolerant to these players and try to be tolerant. Er, for wesbrook, ah, after leaving the thunder, ah, I think this step is getting closer and closer, and the time is getting closer. Although I think it is an event that we can look forward to when we leave the thunder with Westbrook in the 191-20 season. The thunder team is walking outside now. Do you like these signals. From, where to quote, I can do, trade, and won’t rob, you ah, because he is the initiative to change, ah, before the program we said the thunder team, if unchanged is a pool of stagnant water, how to play is like this, in fact, the rocket team is the same, how to play is like this, to reach the second. It’s almost like this, then the thunder team, it’s a little bit, less belt, ask for a fight, that is, the first round into the playoffs to complete the task, then the thunder, the team, do not need to have this, I personally think ah, is to play the playoffs, if you do not have some competitiveness.

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Weishao! Paul! God is with us!

Paul and wizo have changed their owners, which is similar to what we expected. We mean Paul and weso have changed their hosts. Oh, the Rockets provided three first rounds and added two secondary rounds. Now it’s two first round signings. There’s a big difference between the two words. Ah, after the Rockets traded Paul, they have paid a lot on the treasure box contract, and there’s nothing they can give. Finally, everything they can give is realized, ah, Hadden and Wei Shao. The Rockets eliminated Paul’s contract. Ah, this is a very good phenomenon. It is also a great benefit for the Rockets. We told you before 7:00 a.m., well, the removal of wechat quotient is actually just a few rockets, one Celtic team.\

timg (14)

This is what we discussed with our friends in the group. But the Celtics didn’t reach an agreement. The Celtic team, the Rockets, the weishaoweishao thunder team were willing to accept the contract of more than 40 million yuan. Then, will Hayward’s contract, which is more than 30 million yuan, will not be willing to accept it? I say so, but because the Celtic team has not provided enough. As for why it’s so bad, why it’s so fast, we’ve already talked about it in our previous programs. We’ve watched two consecutive shows and said that you can search for it. There’s a title, Wei Shao Paolo, the exchange of hosts, and the end of the whole play of thunder three boys. This program has already talked about it. When I go back later, ah, I’ll take a look at how this deal happened in Xixi, and then discuss the combination of Hardon and weishao for the Rockets, which is the help. Well, to elaborate, because it was all in the devil before. Now, you can really talk about it. Oh, this is the end of this program. Well, let’s say no. It’s cool. It’s me.

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