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that’s needless to say

This cabella and, yes, that’s needless to say, just gave up cabella, Gerrard and green didn’t use their first round, and signing didn’t work, but although there was a certain probability that they could get high ranking, er, this kind of chance was rather slim after all. So, he got Covington, ah, he gave up the interior line to get the 3D standard 3D defense elite. In our later program, we will talk about whether the missile team has made or lost. What’s his future goal and idea? For this single program, ah, now, it’s not about this. However, the Nuggets did not play a decisive role in these three-party transactions or four party deals. It can be said that the Nuggets played a minor role, but only a catalyst. The three magic three plus fire missile team’s Gerald Green, this is also an abandoned contract and the first round signing of the missile team, so he may be. So, to sum up, the Hawks got the timely combat effectiveness, kabela, Timberwolves got, Evan Turner’s expired contract, the expired contract worth 20 million yuan, and the first round signing of the nets. Is this year’s or next year’s.

timg (29)

I don’t know. If it’s this year, it’s estimated to be the tenth from the bottom. The missile team, the team, will get it. The Nuggets team has become a good man and three short teams have made a table of mahjong. That’s all for this program. In the next program, let’s talk about the missile to this deal.

As for the Nuggets

As for the Nuggets, they came from Tianjin and were brought in afterwards. It turns out that at the beginning, it was about the missile trading with Timberwolves and the Hawks, and it didn’t involve the Nuggets. Then the Nuggets came later. In this, they just acted as an additive or catalyst. Let’s go. Giant evantner, ah, it’s not the Pacers. Turner and the first round signing are from the first round of the nets. Then we estimate that we sent these two for the hawks in the tenth, to the Timberwolves and the Timberwolves. Other people, ah, small leading stocks. It’s all said no more. Covent and Jordan Bell sent these two to the Rockets. The Rockets sent Gerald Green and his first round signing to the Nuggets. I went around, and the Nuggets took three scrap materials, mark Bisley, second nangomez and Vanderbilt. Among these three people, two of them are not familiar with each other. I don’t know. Here you are. They sent the Timberwolves to the Timberwolves. They exchanged three with the second movie. The ticket and Feng Lai gave to the Nuggets is such a process. Listen to me. It’s a little complicated. I’ll tell you the main thing is.

timg (30)

What’s the goal? The eagle Nuggets have traded with the three teams. No matter what the purpose is now, first of all, their wages have been reduced, and the Timberwolves’ wages are, in other words, Timberwolves, Sen’s, wages have eaten up the eagle Nuggets nuclear missiles. The salary missile for the holiday decreased by $5 million, the nuggets by 700000 and the Hawks by 3.8 million. My calculation is like this, Timberwolves, different upper body. What’s good for the eagles if he gets about seven or eight million on his upper body. He gets Capella and Nene. He thinks that. The first round of signature back to Langfang can be replaced by kabela, but the missile doesn’t block it. My first round of signing was given to the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves were very happy to get the first round signature of the net. They changed Jordan bell from Covington and Jordan bell to warriors for Rockets missiles. So, the missile pair has sent away the card now. Bella and Bella have got it. Covington just traded in a 3D standard 3D, and the defensive standard 3D Covington is empty. This contract also went around for a circle. After a big circle, he went back to the Rockets to make trouble for each other.

1962 World Cup

Since the 1962 World Cup, Chile has scored the most goals and won the most disparity in the opening match. Looking back on the time when Chile, as the host, and Brazil, the defending champion, beat Switzerland 3-1 and Mexico 2-0, the last World Cup opener. There were at least two games. At the same time, there will be only one match on the opening day of the world cup. Maybe people pay close attention to it. The atmosphere of the host or defending the champion is very tense and oppressive. The first match of four consecutive World Cup has not scored in the first game. You like England and Uruguay have played zero to zero, which is also the World Cup since then.

timg (13)

When England defended the title, the two sides in the opening game were Mexico’s hosts, drawing 0-0 with the former Soviet Union. When it was Brazil’s turn to defend the title, did they draw 0-0 against Yugoslavia and Poland when Germany defended the title? Maybe it was due to the opening and single game. The game was so hyped that both coaches and players realized that the relationship between victory and defeat was too great. Even if the strength was higher than that of the opponent, it would be too nervous to play a match. However, in the background of the increasingly strong and weak group draw, unless the host is not strong enough, the host team will not be able to play. It has to be a seeded team. Ah, for example, in South Africa, the first round was basically able to score a big score. The triumphant victory to Germany once defeated Costa Rica with a total of six goals. This is also the goal of the opening war after the war, which recorded Brazil’s 13-1 victory over Croatia in 2014. These games remind us of the rigour, dullness and opening of the world cup Back. It will be the opening ceremony of the competition to offer more and more goals for the fans. However, the opening game of this world cup would have been a slow game of Taiji and Wudang. Who knows, Russia has got a fighting routine. At first, it is a fierce fight. The final match of hammering Mongolian Yuan war is that natural gas wins oil. Saudi Arabian fans can only be sad.

Father doesn’t want his little son to go to warrior!

On June 25, according to US media reports, the warriors are likely to win the top spot this year, while “three ball” ramero Bauer is considered as a hot candidate for the top spot, but the father made it clear that he didn’t want his son to go to the warriors.

“This is where I don’t like the warriors.” “They have Cray and other players, and now if you put meiro on the warriors and ask him to follow these guys,” Torre said on a podcast. Mello has never been a follower. ”


“He is very talented and knows how to play. If your teammates are empty, you can pass them. If you’re empty and you’ve been practicing shooting? Then shoot by yourself. It’s a fast-paced game. How do you coach a very special player when you are very special? Just enjoy and let him do what he is good at. ” Continued father.

Dad said he didn’t want three goals to go to the warriors, but the warriors didn’t have to choose either. The combination of water and flowers is the cornerstone of the warriors. The technical characteristics of the three goals do not seem suitable for the warriors. You can refer to D’Angelo Russell.

Fudge believes that the NFL 2020 season may be cancelled due to the continuous spread of the new championship

According to foreign media BGR, with the NBA still trying to restart the regular season, the major league of professional football (NFL) is also trying to reach an agreement with players. However, the COVID-19?remains a continuing concern across the United States. More importantly, the number of new crown diagnoses in many states of the United States has begun to reach record levels. As a result, Dr Anthony fouch said Thursday that this year’s NFL season may not happen.

“Unless players are basically in a bubble,” said Fauci, “they are almost always tested every day, and it is difficult to see how the game can be carried out. ”


“If there’s a second wave,” added fudge, “it’s certainly possible, and it’s going to be complicated by the predictable flu season, this year’s rugby game may not happen. ”

Coincidentally, fudge made the comments a few days after some famous NFL players tested positive for the new crown virus. Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys star runner Ezekiel Elliott tested positive for his new crown. Some of the other Cowboys also tested positive. In addition, it has been reported that covid-19 has recently started to spread among some players in Houston, Texas.

Erik bienemi: when the time is right, there will be a manager’s job

In recent years, chief offensive coordinator Eric bieniemy has been seen as a popular choice for the main coach. But he has always been a popular candidate, has not really got the opportunity to coach.


Binemi doesn’t care. He’s still patient.

“I have always been a patient person,” binemi told reporters. I now have the opportunity to work with Andy Reid, Brett Veach, the general manager, mark Donovan, the chairman, and Clark hunt, the boss. There’s nothing to worry about. In order to get a job, we should do our own work well When the time is right, the right job will come. So I have to be patient, keep working hard and everything will be OK in the end. ”

In the past two seasons, the chieftain attack team has been able to say that it is majestic and has more guidance than Nemi. Although there have been many interviews with Benitez, no club has given him the last olive branch.

How to build a brand?

How to build product brand? It is still three dimensions, the first dimension: the most core brand way. The core of the brand is the instantaneous transmission of energy. What do you mean? Brand equals energy, that’s it. As long as it’s said, energy must be behind it, because all business, all money and brand are for making money, and all money is energy behind it, because consumers’ money to buy your brand, then their money is for buying energy, and your brand is energy.


The second dimension: brand law the core of brand law is: starting with the end, connecting the outside with the inside, and result oriented. If we only talk about technology, positioning, this method, that method, this positioning, that positioning, do not combine their own results and purposes to talk about brand, what is the significance of playing brand? To show how knowledgeable you are The result of brand building is very simple. It’s for the purpose of transaction. Deal, is the energy of the big attraction energy small, the energy of the big deal energy small so simple.

The third dimension: the art of brand

It is divided into three parts: brand building, brand promotion and brand operation.

Everyone’s cognitive level is not the same, so back to the example of beauty, brand building, what is a perfect woman, has to have a face, is it the material needs of the physical needs, there must be a story, there must be love

The NFL is considering increasing the team’s team to 16


The NFL is considering another major adjustment when teams will hold training camps at the end of July, affected by the outbreak.

The initial plan for this year’s offseason was to increase the number of accompanying teams from 10 to 12. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now being discussed by the league, which is to increase the number of pairs to 16.

According to reports, the adjustment must also be approved by the NFL players’ Union before it can be implemented. If the league and the players’ Union reach a consensus, it will be good news for the coach, general manager and free agent, because the team will have more opportunities to evaluate the players.

Pirates first released photos of the close winger gronkowski wearing a team uniform

On Tuesday, the Tampa Bay pirates first released a picture of quarterback Tom Brady wearing a team uniform.

Now it’s rob gronkowski.

Pirates tweeted photos of the second major off-season rookie wearing the team’s New Jersey.

Gronkowski decided in April to end his one-year retirement, after which he was traded to pirates by the Patriots of New England.

At the pirates, gronkowski will wear the familiar number 87. In addition to the photos, the pirates released a video in which gronkowski first received the Jersey a few weeks ago, in which he said he would use the New Jersey as a mother’s Day gift.

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Jet security guard Adams intends to play for pirates and other teams

Jamal Adams, jet security guard, formally asked the team to trade him on Thursday, us time, and his intentions soon surfaced.

On Friday, us time, according to ESPN, Adams intended to play for pirates, which would reunite him with defense coordinator Todd Bowles.

If Adams’s joining comes true, pirate’s paper lineup will be more terrible. Their attack team already has quarterback Tom Brady, outfielder Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, close forwards rob gronkowski and O.J. Howard, and defense will not exclude the opportunity to add to the picture.

On Thursday, it was reported that Adams’s favorite seven teams were cowboys, crows, Texans, chiefs, eagles, 49 people and Seahawks. At present, the jet has no intention to trade or renew the contract with ADAMS.