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Zurich Art Museum, Switzerland

In terms of the absolute number of paintings, it is a medium-sized art gallery, but although the sparrow is “medium”, it has all five internal organs. According to the mainstream classification of Western art galleries, it has transformed from a room of classical painting to an impressionist one, and then a modern one.

If you use the “speed of seeing and watching” (each painting takes about 30 seconds), it will take about 2 or 3 hours. If you want to look carefully, you can multiply the coefficient by yourself according to the degree of care.

1.Giovanni Tiepolo


He’s Baroque + a little bit of Rococo

2. Bernardo belloto

A landscape painter born in Venice, not a line, but the style of painting is exquisite and realistic.

We should not talk about heroes with “fame” when we see paintings. We can only admire people like Van Gogh Monet. In fact, they are used by the most junior low people to hold X.

This one is “out of the question”. I can’t even Google it.

Actually, it’s a bit like a famous watch. Because there are some top-level watches with a small output, it’s not necessarily possible to search for information on the Internet, because this may be handmade by the watchmaker.

Super Bowl magic spell comes true again

In the 2018 Super Bowl finals, although the New England Patriots achieved the anti Super League with 10 points behind, they still didn’t laugh to the end. They were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the MVP Brady made a landmark performance in the regular season, he made a fatal mistake and was unable to save the team’s defeat.


The Patriots were able to turn back 10 points behind, thanks to Brady, whose passing drove the team’s attack. Brady’s passing distance reached 505 yards, breaking the 466 yard Super Bowl pass distance record he set a year ago. He became the first quarterback in the history of super bowl to deliver more than 400 yards at least twice. But Brady’s excellent passing performance failed to win the team’s victory. He became the first quarterback in the history of NFL (including regular season and playoffs) to pass more than 500 yards, send at least three touchdowns and 0 interceptions, but suffered defeat.

For Brady, this year’s Super Bowl would have been a good opportunity for him to stay in power. If he can win the championship, it will be his sixth Super Bowl champion. His total number of Championships will be the same as Jordan, the God of basketball. He will continue to consolidate his position in the history of NFL. Unfortunately, the Patriots did not laugh to the end, Brady experienced a “sad mileage” moment.

How to build CRM system of advertising marketing?

In the initial stage of product production, we need to find out our own positioning first, which is no exception for the system used by the company. Just different from the market products, we should consider innovation, core competitiveness and profitability at the beginning, and have the ability of self hematopoiesis. The advertising marketing CRM system needs to consider how to connect the business development of the company and other business systems.


The first half of the sentence refers to the advertising and marketing business supported and promoted by the system. The second half is to establish the boundary of the system, integrate other business system resources and avoid repeated development.

Therefore, the positioning of advertising marketing CRM system is a one-stop collaborative tool to control advertising marketing nodes. It emphasizes that the function of this system is to improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of advertising business. After solving the problem of positioning, the next step is to determine what to do.

Generally speaking, the corresponding business parties of the system always have many demands for the system, such as the improvement of work efficiency, the unwillingness of other systems to undertake, the attempt of business, and various demands.

As a responsible product, the initial work is naturally to make a requirement pool to collect the requirements. Understanding users and being familiar with the business are the basis for making products. After collection, we need to sort out and fill the requirements. The general idea is to plan the system into different stages and arrange the requirements according to the objectives of the stages.

Appreciation of quiet oil paintings

Solid realistic skills, as a painter, can be practiced through hard work, and the key to success as a painter is to be able to choose a unique perspective, to connect painting with life, and to blend emotion with the viewer. In addition to depicting the scenes of the students she is familiar with, silence also adds symbolic elements to some of her paintings, which is shown on the paper crane in “before the big exam”. In the group paintings of “Chinese Symbols”, there are red clothing, paper-cut and mottled New Year pictures on the wall. In such works, the lifelike figures are not from life, but with these Chinese elements Together constitute a symbol of symbolic significance, it is the symbol of Western oil painting techniques, and the combination of Chinese tradition and spirit.

Another example is the peanuts, pomegranates and other images in the bride series, which are naturally related to the well-known blessings of the Chinese traditional wedding ceremony of “giving birth to a child early and having many children and grandchildren”. This also makes the image of the bride in the picture have the meaning related to the content, so that the whole picture has a more Chinese flavor. It can be seen that the combination of Western oil painting techniques with Chinese elements, traditions and contents is a conscious choice of painters. Looking back on the development of Chinese art in the 20th century, tradition and the West collided violently. Together with Xu Beihong, Lin Fengmian, Wu Guanzhong and other masters, the combination of Chinese and Western techniques was insisted on, and Chinese characteristics were emphasized on the basis of absorbing western techniques, so as to promote the development of Chinese art The development of Chinese fine arts, and this point in Contemporary Chinese artists, is even more valuable.

Content oriented, who will “discover” and “manage”?

“Giving users practical use value” may not be the only proposition that content advertising needs to solve. From the perspective of the main body of the industrial chain, the main participants include advertisers, marketing service providers, media and audiences. Advertising mainly improves the transformation effect. Media owners want to ensure the product experience, while audiences directly obtain the content value.

So we found that: the only remaining marketing service providers in this chain started the “supply side reform”, and the first to raise the banner of “content advertising” seems to be wise choice.

In April, Youdao Zhixuan announced the upgrading of quality products, which means that they have been developing in the advertising industry for 12 years, and have systematically experienced the evolution from search advertising, display advertising, DSP business, mobile native advertising to content advertising.


From displaying products to solving problems for users, from simple visual integration to building advertising perceptual scene, from one-way promotion to two-way trust, from displaying commodity price to transferring use value. The interpretation of content advertising by Youdao Zhixuan is really in place.

But the latter problem is that when it comes to the specific product form, it is not easy to produce high-quality advertising content and integrate it with the user’s use scenarios.

If you open Youdao dictionary, it’s not hard to find that: in columns like “Youdao EF star class” and “foreigners watching“, advertising has almost integrated with the value content that users are interested in. But if we lack the ability of further content discovery and management, and if we can expand the scope of content advertising reform, it is too early to make a conclusion.

From what angle should oil paintings be appreciated?

Before the Renaissance, Europe could be divided into North and south. The southern faction is dominated by Italy, with Florence, Rome, Venice and Bologna as its branches. These schools basically focus on form, composition, ideal beauty and connotation. It’s usually for religious and rich people. The northern faction, mainly Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, basically stresses color and realism, just like mirrors. In addition to painting for religion and rich people, this school also paints for small people, so it is more grounded. In the middle, France rises. From Cardinal Richelieu to Louis XIV and then to Louis XVI, it’s unique to have money and take in all the advantages of the north and the south. OK, let’s start. The founder of oil painting is the van Eyck brothers. They are from the north. Look at this picture. It’s so delicate in the 15th century. The reflection of the wood grain lamp on the clothes, the small animals are all painted fluffy. They’re all realistic. This kind of painting, we mainly praise their realism and detail sketch. Let’s call it Nordic mirror school.


But at that time, southerners looked down upon northerners. A small family. Italy pays attention to physical beauty. The composition is dignified. Gentle lines. It doesn’t matter if it’s not realistic. There are too many Italian painting schools. Ferrara, Rome and Siena are very trivial, only the main ones are to be found. OK, Florentine school. I think Rafael is the best. His painting is ideal beauty. We call it the Florentine idealist. By the way, Raphael has been working in Rome in the later period, so he can also be regarded as a Roman painter – the ox man, everyone has pulled him into their own pile. Roman painting school is more dignified, Rubens believes that there is architectural beauty. Let’s see. For example, the Madonna is dignified and stable, with the same structure as a pyramid. This is the beauty of structure and form.

Marketing, the conspiracy of sensibility and rationality!

I’ve seen an ad before. I’ve seen a few Indian brand ads.

The ad is a short film by Ariel, an Indian washing powder brand, with the theme of “dads share the load”.

From a father’s point of view, the film sees her daughter busy cleaning up the room, washing clothes and cooking while her husband sits on the sofa and drinks coffee when she comes home from work.

As a father who never helps his wife to share the housework, he confessed and felt that he had made a wrong demonstration for his daughter, who felt the patriarchal culture when she was young at home.

The father apologized to his daughter for never paying for the housework, and also for her husband’s inaction and natural apology.

After that, the father decided to correct his mistakes, and when he got home, he took the initiative to help his wife share the housework. Although he could not cook, he could wash clothes.

Ariel captures the unfair social difference that “70% of Indian men think that their wives should be responsible for washing clothes, and Indian women spend an average of six hours a day on household chores, while men spend less than one hour a day” and has insight into the psychology of Indian women’s desire to change the status quo:

85% of Indian women feel that they are doing two jobs, one is outside the home and the other is at home. 83% of Indian women think that men should share the burden of housework.

The short film, which resonated with the majority of Indian women, gained 2 billion exposures on the Internet, equivalent to the exposure rate of ads that can be bought for 11 million dollars. More than 2 million men visited the official website of Ariel washing powder and signed their names on the commitment letter of “sharing the burden”. 111% sales growth, more than any previous marketing advertising.

Contemporary artists’ understanding and creation of monochromatic oil painting

Most of the new generation artists combine their pursuit of life value with the academic painting techniques, and Yu Hong is the representative of the new generation artists.

As early as she studied in the middle school affiliated to the Central Academy of fine arts, Yu Hong showed a very solid foundation in sketch, which laid a solid foundation for her later creation.

In 1989, Yu Hong created a number of works with monochromatic tendency; in 1990, Yu Hong participated in the joint exhibition of “the world of female painters”, and initially established her own artistic style with a number of monochromatic oil paintings. After a long period of time, her oil paintings mostly use monochromatic artistic language. For example, in the series of pink human body and red portrait created in the early 1990s, the strong monochromatic meaning can be heard from the name; in the series of genealogy in the mid-1990s, Yu Hong chose monochromatic characters with different hues to represent the ancestors of the family and reflect the cycle of life; In the series of witness growth, which was created in the late 1990s, she based her personal growth process on her daily life, with a strong autobiographical nature, and reflected people’s emotions in the social background at that time. Liu Manwen, a well-known contemporary artist, is also good at using monochromatic way to create oil paintings. For example, her representative work “plain life” series, with a dull gray tone throughout the work, all the characters are monochromatic, and the work shows


A kind of potential uneasiness, resentment, helplessness and struggle indicates the contradiction between the inherent values of society and the pursuit of women’s ideals. Each work is full of the artist’s hard work, is the crystallization of the artist’s life and sweat. Liu Manwen did not choose exaggerated color to express his inner resentment, but calmly chose to restore his real life to the picture, using monochromatic painting language to express the depression of his environment, which also indicates the inevitability of the outbreak. In his works, Liu Manwen uses black and gray of different purity to express the feeling of childishness, suggesting that the family has a lot of conceptual constraints for a woman, squeezing her too much time and energy.

Refuse four years and 80 million, but can oradibo change back to the Panther?

Two years ago, on April 27, the Pacers faced the Cavaliers at home. Before the key battle of tianwangshan, the last three seconds of orladibo’s breakthrough layup was slapped by LeBron James. Then James hit the outpost three-point line to take away the game. The Pacers in the sixth game had no way out.

In the first half of the sixth game, the two teams were still very anxious. In the third quarter, the situation changed suddenly. In the third quarter, orladibo was as helpful as a God. In a single quarter, he won 10 points, 7 boards and 4 AIDS. He led the team to play a small climax of 35-20. The team took advantage of the situation to open the score and beat the Cavaliers at home. Orladibo also won the first three doubles of the playoffs. In the whole game, 6 out of 3 points, 6 points, 13 boards, 10 AIDS and 4 steals.


In the seventh game, orladibo tried his best to score 30 points, 12 boards, 6 assists and 3 breaks. However, Boyang, an important scorer of the team, made no more than 9-1 shots in the whole game. The walkers also lost to the Cavaliers by 4 points. After the game, James and orladibo hugged each other and whispered. In this series of games, for the first time, orladibo, the team’s boss, averaged 22.7 points, 8.3 rebounds, 6 assists, 2.4 steals and had a three-point shooting rate of 40.4%. At that time, the 26 year old orladibo won the League’s fastest-growing player, the eastern all star, the league’s defense for a while and the league’s third team. A superstar was about to rise Up.