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Ogilvy’s post reading of advertisement

A brief personal note

1. People who have seen the ads buy more Ford cars than those who have not, so it is arbitrary to conclude that the ads have side effects on car sales. On the one hand, are people who have seen advertisements the same type as those who have not? (are all readers of reader’s Digest); second, is the number of car purchases average or total? If there are more people who haven’t seen ads than those who have seen ads, then the number is worthless; third, even if this statistic is the average number of readers of reader’s Digest, people who usually pay attention to the ads and those who don’t pay attention to the ads only look through the content will also There are differences. Since there are differences in the group itself, it’s really arbitrary and unscientific to link whether you have seen the advertisement with whether you will buy a Ford. There can be fourth and fifth points, but I think the above three questions are powerful enough.


2. Advertising design process: research products, research competitor advertising, understand user needs, position products, write articles.

3. Advertising industry: media such as newspaper and TV, advertising manager of retail enterprises, brand manager of P & G and other businesses, advertising companies.

4. Advertising company composition: copywriter, art director, customer representative, researcher, media, CEO, creative director

5. 16 key points of advertisement: brand identification, display and packaging, making food move, getting ahead of others, close-up, singing, sound, simultaneous sound, subtitle overlapping, new picture stimulation, scene change, auxiliary memory code, display of product use, imagination, avoidance of misunderstanding and cost reduction.

Ad of originality

Ad of originality

In the 1980s, the New York International Bank opened a branch in London. In order to raise awareness, banks need to solicit a TV advertising program.

In just a week, Smith, the person in charge, read dozens of planning books sent by large companies and was not satisfied. A few days later, a young designer from a small company came to Smith’s office and said to him, “I can create a successful advertisement with the shortest time and the least cost.” Then the designer said the plan again.


Smith burst out laughing with satisfaction. Before long, the advertisement began: people were watching TV seriously, and suddenly there was a snow screen on TV, like a signal interruption. Is the television broken? The audience’s eyes were fixed on the TV, and some even stood up and slapped it. A few seconds later, the words “New York International Bank is open” appeared on TV. Until then, people began to react. It turned out to be an advertisement. They couldn’t help laughing.

This prank like advertisement on snow screen was only broadcast on TV for a week, and “New York International Bank” was known to all women and children in London.

Where is Jordan strong on earth? Why do you think it’s ordinary to watch him play?

Yes, it’s ordinary, just like clocking in and out every day. But if you really play against that bulls Dynasty team, you will find that if Jordan leaves two or three seconds of defensive window in each round, his score will double or even quadruple in this game, and the hit rate is so high that your jaw will be shattered. It seems that it’s still so ordinary when he doesn’t fly in the sky or use dazzling buttons and levers to get points, of course it’s ordinary! Take the shot in the open position, back up, and get two points just like the slam dunk and the pull rod.


A wave of 10-0 away, 100% hit rate (at this moment, there is still a “Jordan three-point ball is weak” view).

Even if there is a person standing in front of him, he has no egg to use, and he is nothing.

You may have to say that the man didn’t defend well! It’s true.

So what if we defend well? Everyone on earth knows that Jordan’s average hit rate is about 50%, that is to say, the half that is inaccurate is the result of good defense. Even then, I can’t guarantee that your coach won’t greet your family, because it’s likely that in the coach’s opinion, you are the same as the guy who was taken away by 10-0. Before the concept of “single defense invalid” became popular, even some famous players, including the winning seed team, suffered losses from Jordan. “The last dance” has already told you: Danny Angie was complained by his teammates after the game because he had a few words with Jordan before the game. Celtic, the strong contender for the championship in those years, paid the price for his lack of words: Jordan took 60 + points and let the main center Wharton six prisoners leave the field. Even if you defend well, you still can’t avoid the result of doubling his score and punching off work. Only “he didn’t hit 100% in total” can comfort yourself.

Green claims to be better than Buckley?

Maybe the off-season is too long, and many bored players have started the live broadcast. Drummond green, with a big mouth, said in the recent live program that the brave man and the current league are good or bad. The event experiencer can enjoy it, but I don’t know how much Green’s heart has expanded. He said that Charles Buckley is jealous of his success “It’s cool that Buckley scores more than me, but that doesn’t mean he has a big influence on the game,” it said.

“Buckley is a legend on TV or on the court, and you are just a role player. Most of us will forget you in the future. Shut up,” wrote the most praised comment from the interview video released by NBA central


Someone else said: “a player who has won the League MVP and the top 20 in history uses it to envy a player who does not have double three per game in a season? Laugh and cry. ”

Maybe green watched the ball too late, thinking that Buckley was just a middle-aged fat man kissing the ass on TV and joking with O’Neill, but fans who have experienced the NBA’s heyday in the 1990s must all remember how Buckley’s unique existence in the league.

1?? Buckley on the court

American fans are too fond of taking Barkley’s figure as a stem. As we call Joki’s “human pork essence” and “barrel 100 year old mountain”, Americans nickname Barkley, “Prince of pizza”, “pizza tower” and “Van”.


What are the three short outs in baseball?

Two good shots, swing the ball out of bounds, will not judge three strikes. When two strikes are good, a touch leads to an out of bounds kick, which can result in a triple strike.


When you asked me about the unusual exits, I thought about them briefly: the base runner passed the bag but didn’t step on the base, and the base runner was out. The back runner passes the front runner and the back runner is out. These two games can not appear, because the game is programmed according to the rules, and this situation has been avoided in the program. The base runner is hit by the ball hit by the batter. If the ball could have been caught by the defender (at the discretion of the referee), then the base runner constitutes an obstacle to the defense and the base runner is out. (similarly, the base runner and the defensive player who does not hold the ball collide, and the defensive side forms a barrier to run, so they will send the base runner an extra base position.) infield goofy: 1, 2 bases have people or full bases, 1 out or no out, at this time, the batter hits a ball, before the ball lands, there are already defenders waiting for receiving the ball at the landing position, at this time, the batter will be out regardless of receiving or not. This seems to be a complicated rule. In fact, it is to avoid creating double / triple killing. If there is no such rule, in this situation (there are people or full bases on 12th base, 1 out or no out), the defense will choose to pretend to catch the high flying ball (the base runner can’t be too far away from the base, because they have to run back in case of catching). When the ball flies to the receiver, he doesn’t catch the high flying ball and let the ball land. At this time, the batter is not out, and all the base runners are forced to enter the base, because Because the base runners had hardly left the base before and had to run for a long distance, it was easy to cause three or two kills at this time.

What level will K. Bryant of the Chicago Cubs of the major league reach in the next few years?

Now that the MLB routine is over, take a look at Kris Bryant’s full season data. In the season, he played 151 games, with a strike rate of 0.275, a base rate of 0.369, a long-term hit rate of 0.488, OPS 0.858 and 26 HR points, 99 points, and 77 times of four bad ball escorts. It can be seen that the rookie of big things showed good long-term play ability and ball selection ability in the rookie season. And the strike rate is not only average level, rookie season hit rate of 2.75 has been very good.

According to the basic data, the biggest problem may be the high third strike rate. This season, it has been k199 times. But I think part of the reason is that the rookie just went to the major league, and it’s normal for him to be short tempered. The other part (I think it’s the main reason) is his height of 6-5 (he’s probably the thinnest 3 softer I’ve seen in recent years). In recent years, the good belt has been repaired continuously, and many The lower ball will be judged as a good one, and his height will undoubtedly suffer in this respect. K. Bryant needs to improve his left-hand shot. Against the right throw, 433 hits, 0.284 hit rate, 0.376 base up rate, 0.499 long hit rate, and 20 hr, OPS as high as 0.875. Against the left throw, 126 hits, hit rate dropped to 0.246, base up rate 0.345, long hit rate 0.452, OPS dropped to 0.797. However, the data sample is not large enough, which may be just the inadaptability of the big league. In addition, his roll to fly ratio is 0.73, which I think is a very good data. Playing more high flying balls proves that he has the potential to be a strong player, and more high flying balls are not easy to be double killed. The guard was a little fidgety and made 17 mistakes, but it was still good. It has huge potential. In the future, it can be developed into a generation of giant guns. The annual strike rate is 0.300, 30 hits and 100 hits are not a problem, and it is bound to sign a huge long contract.

How to choose heat transfer materials?

Just like the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, you should know how to “suit the right medicine” and choose the heat transfer materials you need according to your products and your needs. Of course, it’s very easy to say, but it’s certainly not an easy thing to do. With the development of society, more and more people advocate personality, so the demand for personality is more and more, which requires a deep understanding of both the material selection and technology of lettering film, so that the demand for personality can be met. In particular, there is a big difference between fine pattern and large pattern in material selection!


First of all, we need to make clear that customers’ choice of technology and their tools for carving patterns, such as pressing process path design, color overlay, color overlay, or monochrome? Under normal circumstances, we can be roughly divided into various patterns of color difference and fine line pattern, polychrome and monochrome. Among them, Meiyi TPU elastic lettering film includes q1-2 viscose base material and q1-1 (parting base material). From the scope of application, q1-2 viscose base material is relatively wide, and q1-1 has obvious limitations. For monochrome pattern, both q1-1 and q1-2 can be used! However, q1-2 can be applied in case of overlapping colors.

In operation, we should pay attention to some requirements, for example, color overlay means that patterns can be overlapped and pressed, and users can first fold a large area of color or a part of color. There are also several sets of colors, a set of colors. Now q1-2 can be applied to a variety of color requirements.

There is no virtue without a kind soul

One day, Leviathan, a famous Russian oil painter, went to the forest alone to sketch. When he walked along the forest to the edge of a cliff, it was early morning. When he suddenly saw that side of the cliff was illuminated by the rising sun with a beautiful view he had never seen before, he stood on the cliff and was moved to tears.

Similarly, Goethe, a famous German poet, once heard Beethoven’s Symphony and was moved by the music, which made him tear like rain. When Tolstoy, another Russian writer, heard Tchaikovsky’s first string quartet and the second movement, such as the Andante of songs, he was moved by the music and burst into tears.


Whether Leviathan is moved by the beautiful scenery, or Goethe and Tolstoy are moved by the moving music, they can shed their tears sincerely. Now, can we still be moved and shed tears like them?

The reason for asking such a question is that we are now numb in the face of all the moving things in the world. It is easy to pass by the moving things, or turn around at all, or we are used to being blind and heartless. We don’t shed tears, but those tears are more for one’s loss or sorrow, not for others.

To answer such a question, first of all, we should ask Levitan, Goethe and Tolstoy why they are only moved by an objective scenery and an accidental music. That is because they have a kind and sensitive corner in their heart. The essence and core of moving is good. If we lose or lack a little good in our heart, we can’t talk about moving. Moving is like dandelion in the wind leaving us.

Four different love letters

Recently, I was touched by a series of paintings called “love letters”. The artist who finished these works is Liu Yigang. The painting depicts four immortal loves: jobs in the snow of awani, Zhang Ailing in the red rose, Wang Luobin in that far away place and Sanmao in the olive tree.

In an age when the probability of finding true love is lower than that of being struck by thunder, love has achieved a magical resurrection on the canvas, transcending the secular marriage and even life and death.

timg (4)


This moving emotion belongs to a business tycoon who is not born.

He’s gone. What he left behind is still affecting the world.

The American, jobs, has been married for 22 years.

Obviously, it’s hard to marry an innovation maniac who is respected and short-lived all over the world, because he’s often too busy to remember anniversaries or birthdays. It can even be said that as early as the moment when he decided to establish a family, he only belonged to his dream and thousands of “fruit powder“.

The man jobs felt most sorry for was his wife. So, at the last moment of his life, he decided to make amends.

Do you want to learn to draw in advertising?

Yes, the undergraduate course of advertising studies tells you that advertising studies should learn to draw, and the first year of college should learn to draw “sketch foundation” and “design color”. Generally speaking, we draw cube, ball, cuboid, cone and so on. I suggest that we should learn something in advance when we go to a class in summer vacation. Otherwise, it will be a little hard to contact in the later period of school, and we can draw gouache. This is to exercise you Aesthetics.


I can learn sketch, sketch and watercolor, mainly focusing on freshmen. In addition, we will offer some partial design courses, such as digital color design, plane composition, etc. However, the requirements of these courses are not as high as those of art students. After all, teachers know that the enrollment is for general students. Advertising courses are designed to cultivate students’ ability to know what is beautiful and how to do it. You don’t have to worry too much about a life without foundation

Each university has a different curriculum. Some schools have painting related courses, while others don’t (such as my school).

Of course, it’s better to be able to draw. I envy that I can draw everyday. Those who can draw are also popular in competitions. But in a school without curriculum, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.