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New York Islanders forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau has agreed to a six-year contract extension with the club. The Islanders acquired Pageau earlier today from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a conditional first round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft, the club’s second round pick in 2020 and a conditional third round pick in 2022. This season, Pageau has already recorded career highs in goals (24), power-play points (nine) and game-winning goals (five). He has a total of 40 points (24 goals and 16 assists) in 60 games this season with a plus 10 rating. Pageau has averaged over 50% on faceoffs in each of the past five seasons and has a 52.2% career average. Over his eight-year career, Pageau has totaled 182 points (87 goals and 95 assists) in 428 games, all with the Senators.

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The Ottawa, ON native has 16 points (12 goals and four assists) in 35 career Stanley Cup Playoff games. During the Senators run to the Eastern Conference Final in 2017, Pageau scored ten points (eight goals and two assists) in 19 games.

He played a total of 142 games with Ottawa’s American Hockey League affiliate, the Binghamton Senators, scoring 94 points (38 goals and 56 assists).

Pageau was selected by the Senators in the fourth round (96th overall) of the 2011 NHL Draft.

Prior to his career with Ottawa, Pageau played three seasons in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League with the Gatineau Olympiques and the Chicoutimi Sagueneens. He averaged exactly a point per game with 175 points (80 goals and 85 assists) in 175 games.

Mlb30 day 30 team: St. Louis Cardinals to make up for the first place

MLB has entered spring training, and 2019 season is on the way. In order to help new and old fans get familiar with the current situation of each team as soon as possible, Tencent sports launched a 30 day 30 team special for reference. Today’s introduction is the St. Louis cardinal.

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Last season review:

Optimistic fans said that the Cardinals were competing for foreign card seats until the last week, while pessimistic fans told us that the Cardinals had ranked third for two consecutive years and missed the playoffs for three consecutive years. Although the Cardinals made up for the likes of Marcel ozuna and bud Norris at the beginning of the year, the overall performance of the team was far from what was expected. The cardinal has been chasing the cubs and brewers since the beginning, but has been hit by injuries and has been in the third and fourth place in the Division since May. As the team’s winning rate has been hovering around 50%, coach Mike mathoney leaves class. After bench coach Mike Hilter took over, the team’s performance improved and the ranking briefly returned to second place. During Hilter’s tenure, the team won 41-28. After the best 22-6 record in August, the 12-15 defeat in September deprived the cardinals of foreign card qualification.

Off season main actions:

The deal won first baseman Paul Goldschmidt and third baseman drew Robinson. Free agent signings include relief pitcher Andrew Miller and starter Adam Wainwright. Signed a minor league contract with catcher Matt vetes. A four-year contract extension with starting pitcher Myers mykoras.

Senior vice president of fox Media Asia joined MLB China before taking office

On August 1, Tony Qi, former senior vice president and head of China of Flowserve media group and National Geographic Asia, officially joined MLB and became the general manager of MLB Major League of American professional baseball in China, fully responsible for the business of MLB in China. “We are very pleased to welcome Qi Dong to the post, and believe that his rich experience and excellent ability in media cooperation, government relations, strategic investment, content production and other aspects will further enhance MLB and baseball’s attention and participation in China.” Jim small, MLB’s senior vice president of international affairs, said.

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Qi Dong has 16 years of experience in the global media field, and has rich experience in media panorama, content production and distribution, investment, M & A, strategy and business development in China and the Asia Pacific region. During his tenure in Flowserve media group, Mr. Qi Dong assisted and led the development and cooperation between the group and its partners in terms of content, project and distribution strategy, effectively improving the awareness of Fox and National Geographic in the Chinese market. Before joining Flowserve media group, Qi Dong worked for publicitas as vice president of strategy, business development and investment in the Asia Pacific region.

Buenos Aires building materials and architecture exhibition, Argentina

Batev is the most important exhibition of building materials and construction machinery in Argentina and one of the most important business opportunities to enter the most prosperous industries in Argentina. The exhibition gathers and integrates the whole building materials market, brings together enterprises from Argentina and some neighboring countries to show their products and services, and attracts hundreds of thousands of professional visitors from Argentina and other countries to participate in the exhibition. Most of these visitors are purchasing professionals in the industry, including architects, real estate developers, decoration and decoration Responsible person, import and export traders, designers, technical personnel, the quality is very high.



Scope of exhibits

Decoration exhibition area: curtain wall decoration, interior decoration parts, tools, fireplace and flue, all kinds of light materials, kitchen decoration, roof truss, structural components, ceramics, face bricks and massek, roof materials, ventilation pipes, waterproof materials, main structural materials and components, thermal insulation materials, ceiling and gypsum board, floor, water treatment system, drainage system, etc;

Exhibition area of construction equipment: wood processing equipment, metal processing equipment, plastic processing equipment, construction machinery, tools, site safety and protection equipment and supplies, various special vehicles used in the construction site, etc;

Dong Chunyu, a foreign minister of Zhuoer, is busy with public welfare in Spain. The fund for oil painting auction is given to the first hospital of Wuhan!

Recently, Wuhan drow held the team’s winter overseas training in Spain. Besides the training, Dong Chunyu, the main goalkeeper of the team, also took part in a meaningful auction during the training.



Dong Chunyu said on the social platform that he participated in the Spanish local auction, and the proceeds from the auction will also be donated to the first hospital in Wuhan for medical supplies. Dong Chunyu won a painting at the auction and expressed his gratitude to the Spanish people for their selfless help. He said in the original: “thank the Spanish people for their contribution to the epidemic in Wuhan. The owner of the gallery selflessly donated several oil paintings. The proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be used to purchase the materials needed by the first hospital in Wuhan. Thank you so much for my little support so far, and take this beautiful pair home.”. ”

Dong Chunyu started 29 games on behalf of Wuhan zhuo’er team in 2019 season, and sent Shenpu to help for many times. Zhuo team got the sixth best result in China Super League, and was selected into the new national team of Li Tie at the beginning of the year.

The Yankees vs. the Giants

At 10:15 on April 27, the New York Yankees, the No. 1 Major League player, visited the bay area to challenge the San Francisco Giants in the western region of the League of nations, the first of three series of games between the two sides. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live, welcome fans to watch at that time.

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Review of war situation

The start of the basic season is not smooth, and the injury list is extremely luxurious. However, Yankee has won 8 games in the last 10 games, and the depth of the lineup is amazing. At present, Yankees are second in the east area of the United States with 14 wins and 11 losses, two victories behind Guangguang, and 5.5 victories ahead of Red Sox. Today’s game just ended with Yankee scoring 11 points in three and a half consecutive innings under the 4-0 lead, which was reversed and ended six consecutive wins.

This season’s giant hit line bogged down, the team hit rate of this season is 212, the league’s penultimate. Home run production is only 21, the league’s fifth from the bottom (the league’s highest sailors have reached 56). Out of the seven qualified hitters in the team, the highest strike rate is 230% of fielder Steven Dugard. Fortunately, their pitching group and defensive performance are good. The team self blame score of 3.20 is the second in the league, second only to ray. The 11-14 record in the western division of the League of nations can only be tied with rocky at the bottom of the division, but the giant has won three consecutive games recently.

Penguin 600 assists the record number two in the history of star team captain winning the ball

Penguin started to catch the mistake of lightning defense and scored continuously, with hichan, Kassel and Crosby scoring one after another. In the next quarter, they seized the gap of lightning replacement and then went to the next city. The 4-0 score was kept to the end of the third quarter, and the game had lost suspense. Lightning relied on a strong attack group to continue two cities at the last moment, but the score gap was too large, and finally they lost 2-4 away games ??

Penguin player Evgeni Malkin today scored his 600th assists in his career, becoming the fourth Russian player to do so, with only 834 games, the lowest in history.

Penguin player Crosby scored the third goal of the game, and he became the third player in penguin history to score 300 + 5-on-5 goals.

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Penguin player Kassel scored 795 points in his career today, ranking 16th in the all American League table.

Lightning player kucherov today sent out assists, he in the history of lightning team assists in 244 sixth place.

Star team is dominant in the opening of the home court, which was leading for the team in the 8th minute. Then the two teams fight against each other to defend each other and defend each other’s strong hit. The saber is against the super star team in the number of shots. However, they can’t do anything in the face of bishop’s defense. Finally, they release the empty net and can’t score the goal of equalizing the score. 0-1 of the away game is zero.

Star goalkeeper bishop today completed zero, he was fourth in the star goalkeeper ranking with eight times zero. At the same time, he also ranked 10th in all American goalkeeper rankings with 191 wins in his career.

The captain of the star team scored the winning goal. He tied for the second place in the history of the star team with 43 winning goals.

The sabre has not performed well recently. They have won only 8-13 and 4 overtime in the last 25 games, and are tied for the third last place in the Senate ranking League.

Early operation? James is willing to cut his salary and keep his eyebrows

On February 21, the NBA regular season is still going on. Today, the Clippers announced that they have signed piston guard Reggie Jackson. The Lakers have yet to gain in the free market. This season, even if the Lakers buy Jr, Vitus and others at the last moment, it is estimated that the chance to win the championship is not great. And the United States media exposure of a message, early operation? Exposing the Lakers this summer to grab the letter group three giants, James is willing to cut wages, just to keep the eyebrows!


According to Eric Pincus, a reporter from bleacher report in the US media, the Lakers want to build a super strong team and revive the Zijin Dynasty. James may have to cut his salary. The Lakers’ goal this summer has become brother Letterman. The US media think that the Lakers have the chance to win the rebounding monster, the first player in the future.

In terms of bucks, they have been keeping brother alphabet, but brother alphabet is still young. Besides, the bucks are a small ball Market and have participated in the All-Star game. Brother alphabet once again feels the strong influence of the Lakers. The Lakers have also early layout and signed 22-year-old brother alphabet to recruit brother alphabet.

From the perspective of the Lakers, the salary cap of 2021-22 season is expected to be 125 million dollars. If the Lakers renew the letter brother with the top salary, there will be a gap of 6.7 million dollars. If James chooses to jump out of the contract and renew the letter brother with the lower annual salary, then the Lakers will have room to renew the letter brother. In fact, this is not the first time James joined the three giants of the heat group, Wade, James, Bosh all reduced their salaries, and Durant joined the warriors to choose to reduce their salaries. Do you think the Lakers have hope to win the alphabet brother?


Six wins in 9 wars or a mess!

First of all, as the scoring champion of the team, hild has been very unhappy recently. The 27 year old striker, who last October renewed a four-year, 86 million dollar contract with Dalglish, has recently been relegated to the bench and is unhappy with his role. Since Hilde became a substitute, the king has been 6-3, but he still averaged 22.2 points in the nine games, the highest scoring player. If he fails to return to the starting line-up this season, according to US media reports, Hilde intends to apply for a deal during the off-season.


The internal problems of the king are more than Hilde’s. Manager Walton was questioned by his boss, laradiv. At present, king is 21-32 with a winning rate of 39.6%, down from 39-43 (47.6%) last season. Kenny Dalglish paid Walton a lot of money, of course, in order to make the team go further, but at present, the team’s record is not going forward and the coach is questioned. The king is currently 12th in the west, six games short of eighth in the west, making it very difficult to catch up.

There are many people dissatisfied with the king’s boss, ranadiv. According to the report, lanadiv held a mobile conference to point out the team’s problems and feelings to Vice President Divac and vice general manager Peja. He was not satisfied with the operation of the senior management. Although the top management may not change, but the boss’s move, is tantamount to a warning. Watching the excellent performances of Trey Yang and dongqiqi, and seeing that Bagley, the top player in the team, has been plagued by injuries, it’s no wonder that lanadiv is not happy.

Boston’s home fans are enthusiastic, but it’s hard to beat the blues

On weekends, there are always a large number of fans who get up early in the game. A few days of rain brought a few more chills, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the fans. The weather will finally clear up for the second game of the series. After beating Columbus in the first overtime game of the second round, the brown bears hope to keep going and win the fourth consecutive game. Before the start of the national anthem, the fans of the stadium paid tribute to the Celtic meritorious player John havlichek who died on Thursday, and the fans of the city gave their warmest applause to the outstanding basketball player.

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Young player Clifton’s far end hit people first ignited the passion of the fans at the scene. On the big screen in the field, high-definition playback from multiple angles was carried out continuously, and waves of cheers and cheers were harvested at the scene. Anderson’s foul created the first chance for the brown bears to play hard. The brown bears kept passing the ball in the blue line, and a large number of fans shouted “shoot! Shooting “sound, as if to hear the desire of the fans in general, Matt gerzek left side shot, to help the team get 1-0 lead. The brown bear team has a high anti reaction efficiency at the defensive end, creating several rather threatening opportunities, and the gunpowder smell on the battlefield is also gradually upgrading. Marchan and Bjork strand have a conflict at the edge of the board wall. The fans stand up and shout “fight” to look forward to the coming of a fight.