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Observation on the championship of the NFL League in 2019: wear red clothes and be enthusiastic, and the game will be spent

Just finished the league championship, the chief ended the magic journey of the big black horse Titan, 49 people were the dominant level of attack and defense performance to win the packer, two teams wearing red jerseys, the West Coast attack as the main purpose met in Miami two weeks later.

Titan 24-35 chief: under the bombardment, metaphysics fails


As we all know, the chieftain’s defense is weak and the Titan’s road is brave. This group of attack and defense makes a decision. However, spanolo, the chieftain’s defense coordinator who just took office this year, is not convinced. Since Titan uses two near-end forwards + full guards to open the way, we are not polite. Damien Wilson + Anthony Hitchens + Reggie Raglan line guards line up to greet, strong guard tylan Ma There are 20 in the “box” and Daniel Sorensen, the bodyguard, stay in the “box” for nearly half of the time. The eight chieftains serve at the front line and listen to the fate of heaven. It has been proved that the chieftains who used their lives played an excellent role in the defense, and Henry, who was under attack, could not escape the entanglement of the chieftain’s “human tactics”. It is worth noting that whether Titan was ahead or the chieftain was rebellious in the early days Turn, the chief has never changed the strategy of the first run, had to praise for the persistence and perseverance of spanolo. In the first 17 games of this season, the chieftain has 8.0 missed tackles, among which the lineman hichins, the security guard Matthew, Thornhill and Sorensen are all the big missed catches, while the chieftain has only 4 missed catches in total, the lineman and the security guard have only two, the persistent eight man front line and excellent on-the-spot performance limit Henry’s road running to less than 70 yards, with an average of 3.7 yards Nothing more.

NFL will test two potential rule changes in the career bowl

On Tuesday, national time, the Referee Commission announced that it would test two rule changes in Sunday’s professional bowl.

First rule change: after the additional score shooting / free kick shooting is successful, the scoring team can choose not to kick off.


The options are as follows:

1. Scoring team a can put the ball at the 25 yard line of team B’s half court, and team B will start a new round of attack.

2. Team a can put the ball at the 25 yard line in his own half and start the attack with 4 gears and 15 yards. If team a succeeds in getting the first attack, it can continue to attack. If team a fails to complete the first attack conversion, the result will be the same as the result of the forced attack failure. Team B will start at the dead end.

Such a rule change is to reduce the number of kicks with more potential injuries as much as possible, and also provides alternative options for gambling and kicking.

The second change is related to the early movement of the flexible position takeover (x position).

The following situations will not be considered as early movement: the x position catcher touches the ground with one foot, and the other foot can move, but must return to rest one second before kick-off.

If 11 attacking players have been in a position for at least one second, x-takeovers will be judged as early.

Penguins renew their contract with meritorious manager Mike Sullivan: I never thought of leaving Pittsburgh

Mike Sullivan is still waiting to see if he can bring the Pittsburgh Penguins back to the Stanley Cup. On July 6, Beijing time, penguins officially announced a four-year contract extension with Sullivan. Sullivan, who led penguin to the title in 2016 and 2017, has a new contract that will take effect at the end of the 2018-19 season and expire in 2023-2024.

Since taking over from Mike Johnston in December 2015, Sullivan has led the penguins to a remarkable record of 174-92-34 overtime. His arrival has directly helped penguins become the first team in NHL to win the Stanley Cup back-to-back in nearly 20 years. With 174 wins ranking third in penguin history, the second Eddie Johnston has 216 wins, and the first Dan bylsma has 252 wins. Now Sullivan is expected to attack the most winning head coach in penguin history.

641 (6)

“Under Mike’s guidance, penguins can get at least 100 points in four seasons, which is a good report card.” “In this era, being able to help us win the Stanley Cup for two years in a row is enough to show that he is a good coach,” Penguin general manager Jim Rutherford said in a statement. Whether on or off the pitch, he keeps the management of the team in order and his ability to work is impressive. ”

At the same time, Rutherford is optimistic about the current situation of the team. The penguins were swept out by the New York Islanders in the first round of the 2018 playoffs. Rutherford said Sullivan’s renewal has stabilized the army’s heart and given the team more time to adjust.

Harden’s three-point shooting rate plummeted, the poor performance of rockets, to break the Curie record is even more remote!

In yesterday’s rockets vs. Lakers game, this is the 41st game of the Rockets season, which means the Rockets are halfway through the game. From the half-way point of view, the Rockets’ record is not very good, especially they are currently in the sixth position in the West. Although it is better than the same period last season, it is also based on the outbreak of the second half of Haden, just this season’s Haden Efficiency is not high, especially in recent games, the three-point shooting rate is constantly plummeting.


Haden’s performance directly affects the Rockets’ win and loss. Even though weishao’s performance is more outstanding, rockets belong to Haden’s team. In the critical moment, they still need to be operated by Haden. However, in the last five games, Haden’s performance can’t satisfy people, and even many fans expressed their disappointment. In yesterday’s game against the Lakers, although the other team’s main players were absent, But in recent times, Hardon has played iron frequently. If he didn’t rely on 18 free throws, he would not have scored 34 points.

From the data, it’s a big problem for Hardon to make a three-point shot. When he can’t make a shot, he’s still shooting. Maybe sometimes he’s fighting with himself. In yesterday’s Lakers vs. Rockets game, Hardon made two out of nine three-point shots, with a three-point hit rate of 22.2%. In the Rockets vs. pioneers game, Hardon made one out of six three-point shots, with a three-point hit rate of only 16.7%, In the Rockets vs. Grizzlies game, the three-point hit rate of Haden is 5 out of 19, 26.3%. It has to be said that the three-point hit rate of Haden is constantly decreasing. In this season, the three-point hit rate of Haden is 37.3%. When Haden’s low hit rate performance, it’s too difficult for the Rockets to win.