Zurich Art Museum, Switzerland

In terms of the absolute number of paintings, it is a medium-sized art gallery, but although the sparrow is “medium”, it has all five internal organs. According to the mainstream classification of Western art galleries, it has transformed from a room of classical painting to an impressionist one, and then a modern one.

If you use the “speed of seeing and watching” (each painting takes about 30 seconds), it will take about 2 or 3 hours. If you want to look carefully, you can multiply the coefficient by yourself according to the degree of care.

1.Giovanni Tiepolo


He’s Baroque + a little bit of Rococo

2. Bernardo belloto

A landscape painter born in Venice, not a line, but the style of painting is exquisite and realistic.

We should not talk about heroes with “fame” when we see paintings. We can only admire people like Van Gogh Monet. In fact, they are used by the most junior low people to hold X.

This one is “out of the question”. I can’t even Google it.

Actually, it’s a bit like a famous watch. Because there are some top-level watches with a small output, it’s not necessarily possible to search for information on the Internet, because this may be handmade by the watchmaker.

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