Why doesn’t the NBA allow players to wear the No. 69 Jersey?

Four NBA bans

Three of the four bans are for Stars

No hip-hop

No black mask

No number 69

No contact or relationship with NBA Cheerleaders

No hip hop (AI)

Iverson, the top player of the golden generation, was a very strong presence in the field at that time. At the same time, he was also a streetball player. Usually he liked and loved hip-hop culture very much. After entering the NBA, he wore hip-hop style clothes every time when he appeared. After that, NBA players were influenced by Iverson. Since then, the NBA has stopped such dressing. They think such dressing will affect the image of the league, so they banned such hip-hop clothing at that time. After that, they even stipulated that only suits can be selected.

No black mask (James)

In the 2013-14 season, the Miami Heat team led by Zhan Huang had to wear a mask due to the serious nose injury in the previous match against the New York Knicks. Because of the emergency and inadequate preparation at that time, Zhan Huang wore a black mask, which gave a somewhat gloomy image. However, Zhan Huang himself carried a three-point domineering spirit, which made him more dignified .The League immediately banned players from wearing masks other than transparency masks for various reasons.



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