When the constitution comes to the last minute

It’s impossible and unrealistic to play a small team on holiday. Now the Clippers look at it because Reeves is holy war. Harry is in position 4. If you go up to position 4, it seems that no team in the league has much to do with Harrell. Yes, captain. In other words, harrier seems to have an advantage over position 4 in terms of her ability and state. You can change it, the next higher one, the next strong point, a high center, a big high center, right?

There’s height and physical strength, and there’s height and physique. You need to change position 4 to deal with him. He’s young to him. Ariel is still in good form. You don’t take advantage of you. You’re all inferior. But Khalil is not impeccable either. This player is short of shooting. He doesn’t have three points to shoot. He doesn’t have to shoot in the middle distance. So you just have to stop him standing in the search bar and do whatever he likes. We have always said that zubartz of the clippers is a fake.

When the constitution comes to the last minute, the moment of death, it must be Harrell with a circle of small people. Paul George, a big Harrell, a large circle of small pimples and a small lineup of Paul George, which is their Assassin’s Mace, so to play this kind of ball.

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