What are the persistent rumors in NBA?

1. Kg can remove the coins on the top edge of the backboard 10 times in a row.

The height of the top edge of the backboard is 3.95 meters. The record of standing touch height in NBA history is Mohammed Bamba, whose arm span (2.39M) and standing

Limuhao (2.93M) has set NBA history draft record. (there is a steel bar in the comment area. You can find the official for me, bohr and sang

The data of the static body measurement. When does the NBA have official body data statistics? How about doing homework

The run-up record is 3.87M for Jeremy Evans.

The record holder of body measurement vertical bounce is new star DJ Stephens in 2013, whose record is 117 cm.

Kg is 2.11 meters in height and 2.24 meters in arm span. In an interview, I admit that I can’t touch it, but jokingly, at the peak

Maybe we can try. .

And the one who really challenged the rebounds was Howard.


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