What are the benefits of attending Amsterdam transport safety fair?

For more than 50 years, Amsterdam international transport Fair has become the largest and most important transport technology fair in the world. Every two years, important figures in the international transport industry gather at the International Transport Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The highlights of the Netherlands Amsterdam international transport exhibition are transport infrastructure construction, road construction and maintenance, traffic safety, intelligent transport, parking related technologies and services.


Provide a place to display their respective innovative technologies of great significance. The exhibition attracted many authorities and business decision makers from the global transportation industry. It provides the best display platform for exhibitors’ products and technologies. Amsterdam International Transport Exhibition is the world’s largest international transport management and road transport industry exposition hosted by Rai Expo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Netherlands transport show represents the highest level of international transport industry. Since the first exhibition was held in Amsterdam in 1962, it has a history of more than 50 years. As a well-known international fair, the biennial Amsterdam international transport Fair has become a regular gathering of professionals from the transport industry around the world.

By participating in the Amsterdam International Transport Exhibition, people from all walks of life in the industry can fully understand the latest development of infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking industry, and ensure that they keep pace with the times and accelerate their development. The leading enterprises in the industry also take this opportunity to fully display their latest products and technologies in the 4-day industry event. With the successful creation of the Flagship Exhibition in Amsterdam, the brand has also successfully entered the Turkish, Chinese, Indian and North American markets.

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