To Rocket fans!

The match between the rockets and warriors was very wonderful. Ah, some netizens asked us to make a program to comfort the international fans. Ah, I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s just a ball, right? Of course, the audience and friends pay attention to it. My friends are all sentimental people, ah, flesh and blood. It must be sad and sad to lose, right? So you should learn from me, ah, neutral and completely neutral like me. Some fans always like to, ah, pull my sleeve and form gangs. Well, I’m still. I’m still. Ah, when we watch the ball, we’re honest. When we watch the ball, we have a tendency when we just appreciate the style of the NBA. We are O’Neill fans. The Lakers have defeated countless opponents for three consecutive titles, and the heroes are proud of the world.

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Well, I don’t quite agree with Kobe when he is Shaquille O’Neal. I don’t quite agree with him. Well, when O’Neal stepped down from the altar, ah, we fully realized that every star player and every team always have peaks and troughs. Right, so you can’t always be at the top. You can’t use it in the sky. You have to accept the reality and face the reality. The last thing we watch is basketball, right? Ah, after this game, I see a lot of fans say, ah, I’ll never watch the rocket game again, right? I’ll give up Haden’s, I’ll give up Paul, and so on after you’ve been in the new year. Go back to sleep tomorrow, listen to us again, listen to our program again, and watch graduation again, right? This enthusiasm is not changed, ah, heroism is short, love is long, ah, human nature is like this, there is no way to avoid ah, then we have to say ah. However, since it is so strong, the fire line can only wait for the dynasty to be replaced, be ready to wait, so is the warrior. Waiting for the warrior is also waiting for the replacement of a dynasty. It is also waiting for the Lakers, and the Spurs are waiting for the Celtics.

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