Three Chinese players sign MLB and strive to achieve the first show of MLB mainland players

On February 27, three Chinese little players signed a contract with Milwaukee Brewers of MLB after 00, the first time MLB signed three Chinese players with the same team. The players said they would try their best to appear in the major league and complete the first show of mainland players.

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The three signed players were all born in 2001. Zhao Lun and Yi Jian are in charge of pitchers and Kou Yongkang is the infielder. All three had previously trained at the MLB baseball development center and performed well on the field. Zhao Lun, as a high school student in the 2018 Carl Ripken University League in Washington, D.

Yijian once participated in the world U15 youth baseball championship in 2016 and was selected into China U18 youth team in 2018. The fastest ball speed can reach 143KM / h. In the world U15 Junior Baseball Championship, Kou Yongkang played a winning 2-point home run against the United States. In the U18 Asian championship match against Japan, a third base shot scored the only point for China.

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