The team ah zubbats play in the playoffs is to be strictly targeted

Howard two meters 08, it is a mini center, he’s good because he is a jumper, right? He’s good at defending the forbidden area. Second, he’s powerful. So if you come across justice No. 5, right, you hit one, I’ll hit one. Fei doesn’t suffer a loss, so this team can’t say that he has the traditional justice position 5, but he has two superstars. He can play another point. Second, the second fast fleet clipper team zubartz is not enough.

You can see that I repeatedly emphasize this player, he is the main force. The position of substitute, the strength of Harrell is the main strength, the position of substitute ah, the last game because, hungry or not, because of the two big German and Beverly, business circle ah Lingxiu, the mouth said to play directly, Harrell directly turned up ah, you see this game is like this.

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