The playoffs and the finals and win the championship

Let’s look at the back. OK, well, look back. But if it’s really that talented, talented people can get into the playoffs and the finals and win the championship, gf2ep is not Kuri’s, right? It can only be said that there is a chance to fight for it. Let’s talk about why SVP is so important, where is its importance?

Actually, from the champion to the MVP, from the fmvp. So, Sina P may be in the second place or the third place. We’ll just say that it’s in the third position, but you can’t do without it, right? We’ve said that the top ten super companies in history all have this. This is the standard configuration, and this is its attribute. The standard configuration is like a soldier. He must have it. Armor, horses, and long knives, these three weapons you need to have, according to Michael Jordan, you have to use it, right?

Michael Jordan does not have you have that better, the gap between the top ten is there, you don’t have to say whether you are like him. James, and so on, Durant and so on, um, these people wait for them to go to the career score, Wang joke now Owen also want to get, a score, Wang right? H? Harden ah, Wei Shao right? They all have score ah, why? Because this is attribute, right? Michael Jordan.

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