The fifth crown in 50 years

I thought of watching a penguin game on the spot for a long time, but it wasn’t until the final regular season home. The game against Columbus blue jackets was also basically determined to be our first round playoff opponent. It’s like spending money on a regular season and watching a playoff. The three-stage system of ice hockey matches enables fans of both sides to distribute naturally to both ends of the court. To buy a seat at the back of the goal, you should first see which side of the home team will attack twice. The atmosphere of watching the ball is the most important. After all, the ice hockey with the size of the hair gel box can slide to the end on the smooth ice surface. It’s too fast to find the ball. When the home team scored, the alarm rang throughout the stadium, and the crowd was excited; when the guest team scored, the whole court was silent, as if nothing had happened.


PI Yi is located in the western part of Pennsylvania, the upper reaches of the Ohio River Basin, and the eastern part of PI Yi lies across the Appalachian Mountains from Philadelphia. On the contrary, it has a closer geographical relationship with Ohio. But PYI has always had the pride of Pennsylvania, not much of Ohio. Penguins are called Penns directly in PYI, which sounds like Penns of Pennsylvania. The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns of the NFL are rivals in the same area. Columbus blue, who joined the NHL in the new century, also hopes to establish a strong relationship with the penguins. However, Penguin fans do not take this new neighbor seriously.

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