The Celts consulted the Rockets for a deal with Capella

According to journalist Steve Keller, Boston Celtics have recently consulted the Houston Rockets about the trade of Clint Capella, among which Green Army backup guard Rozil is one of the bargaining chips.

Keller wrote in the social media: “According to the news I heard, Celtics are very seriously involved in the consultation deal Clint Capella, they have conducted a certain level of consultation, Terry Rozil is one of the chips in this new deal. At this stage, the selection and trading process of the Green Shirts are progressing very smoothly, and they are looking for ways to do what they can do.

ESPN expert Adrian Vonaroski reported last week that Rocket General Manager Daryl Morey was willing to listen to outside offers and that all players except Harden could be traded. Judging from the Green Shirts’pursuit of Capella’s goals, Capella will become a very suitable player in the Green Army lineup to partner with Hofford. Hofford can play a better organizational role in the offensive side, Capella’s rebounding and blocking ability in the defensive side has a certain deterrent, and Capella’s characteristics are exactly what the Celtics lacked in the past few years

With the Celtics still trying to pursue Davis, the situation seems to be getting more complicated now, as the Green Shirts All-Star point guard Kerry Owen is likely to leave the Celtics after the end of the season. Next season will be the last season of Davis’s existing contract. If Owen leaves the Green Shirts, the Green Shirts will trade for Davis. Davis promises to make a long-term deal for the Green Shirts, because Davis and Owen have a good personal relationship. It has been reported that Owen’s continued presence in the Green Shirts is the most likely factor to attract Davis to join. Davis also wants to join forces with powerful stars like Owen to win the championship.

Without Davis’long-term commitment, the Green Army should not pay too much to introduce Davis through a deal. From this point of view, the Green Army contacted the Rockets and consulted Capella for a deal, probably an alternative to getting Davis.

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