that’s needless to say

This cabella and, yes, that’s needless to say, just gave up cabella, Gerrard and green didn’t use their first round, and signing didn’t work, but although there was a certain probability that they could get high ranking, er, this kind of chance was rather slim after all. So, he got Covington, ah, he gave up the interior line to get the 3D standard 3D defense elite. In our later program, we will talk about whether the missile team has made or lost. What’s his future goal and idea? For this single program, ah, now, it’s not about this. However, the Nuggets did not play a decisive role in these three-party transactions or four party deals. It can be said that the Nuggets played a minor role, but only a catalyst. The three magic three plus fire missile team’s Gerald Green, this is also an abandoned contract and the first round signing of the missile team, so he may be. So, to sum up, the Hawks got the timely combat effectiveness, kabela, Timberwolves got, Evan Turner’s expired contract, the expired contract worth 20 million yuan, and the first round signing of the nets. Is this year’s or next year’s.

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I don’t know. If it’s this year, it’s estimated to be the tenth from the bottom. The missile team, the team, will get it. The Nuggets team has become a good man and three short teams have made a table of mahjong. That’s all for this program. In the next program, let’s talk about the missile to this deal.

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