Super Bowl magic spell comes true again

In the 2018 Super Bowl finals, although the New England Patriots achieved the anti Super League with 10 points behind, they still didn’t laugh to the end. They were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the MVP Brady made a landmark performance in the regular season, he made a fatal mistake and was unable to save the team’s defeat.


The Patriots were able to turn back 10 points behind, thanks to Brady, whose passing drove the team’s attack. Brady’s passing distance reached 505 yards, breaking the 466 yard Super Bowl pass distance record he set a year ago. He became the first quarterback in the history of super bowl to deliver more than 400 yards at least twice. But Brady’s excellent passing performance failed to win the team’s victory. He became the first quarterback in the history of NFL (including regular season and playoffs) to pass more than 500 yards, send at least three touchdowns and 0 interceptions, but suffered defeat.

For Brady, this year’s Super Bowl would have been a good opportunity for him to stay in power. If he can win the championship, it will be his sixth Super Bowl champion. His total number of Championships will be the same as Jordan, the God of basketball. He will continue to consolidate his position in the history of NFL. Unfortunately, the Patriots did not laugh to the end, Brady experienced a “sad mileage” moment.

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