Refuse four years and 80 million, but can oradibo change back to the Panther?

Two years ago, on April 27, the Pacers faced the Cavaliers at home. Before the key battle of tianwangshan, the last three seconds of orladibo’s breakthrough layup was slapped by LeBron James. Then James hit the outpost three-point line to take away the game. The Pacers in the sixth game had no way out.

In the first half of the sixth game, the two teams were still very anxious. In the third quarter, the situation changed suddenly. In the third quarter, orladibo was as helpful as a God. In a single quarter, he won 10 points, 7 boards and 4 AIDS. He led the team to play a small climax of 35-20. The team took advantage of the situation to open the score and beat the Cavaliers at home. Orladibo also won the first three doubles of the playoffs. In the whole game, 6 out of 3 points, 6 points, 13 boards, 10 AIDS and 4 steals.


In the seventh game, orladibo tried his best to score 30 points, 12 boards, 6 assists and 3 breaks. However, Boyang, an important scorer of the team, made no more than 9-1 shots in the whole game. The walkers also lost to the Cavaliers by 4 points. After the game, James and orladibo hugged each other and whispered. In this series of games, for the first time, orladibo, the team’s boss, averaged 22.7 points, 8.3 rebounds, 6 assists, 2.4 steals and had a three-point shooting rate of 40.4%. At that time, the 26 year old orladibo won the League’s fastest-growing player, the eastern all star, the league’s defense for a while and the league’s third team. A superstar was about to rise Up.

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