NFL will test two potential rule changes in the career bowl

On Tuesday, national time, the Referee Commission announced that it would test two rule changes in Sunday’s professional bowl.

First rule change: after the additional score shooting / free kick shooting is successful, the scoring team can choose not to kick off.


The options are as follows:

1. Scoring team a can put the ball at the 25 yard line of team B’s half court, and team B will start a new round of attack.

2. Team a can put the ball at the 25 yard line in his own half and start the attack with 4 gears and 15 yards. If team a succeeds in getting the first attack, it can continue to attack. If team a fails to complete the first attack conversion, the result will be the same as the result of the forced attack failure. Team B will start at the dead end.

Such a rule change is to reduce the number of kicks with more potential injuries as much as possible, and also provides alternative options for gambling and kicking.

The second change is related to the early movement of the flexible position takeover (x position).

The following situations will not be considered as early movement: the x position catcher touches the ground with one foot, and the other foot can move, but must return to rest one second before kick-off.

If 11 attacking players have been in a position for at least one second, x-takeovers will be judged as early.

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