MLB announces sailor’s “racial discrimination” findings: no substantial evidence found

On February 7, major league baseball released the results of an investigation into allegations of racial discrimination by former employees of the Mariners against their managers and coaches. The independent investigation agency employed by the major league did not find any evidence to prove the racial discrimination claimed by Lorena Martin, a former employee of the Mariners.

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Previously, Martin accused the management of the mariners of racial discrimination on personal social media, calling Hispanics lazy, clumsy and stupid.

During the investigation, the investigation company did not find any evidence that the mariners and their employees violated the major league work rules. There was no evidence of their racist statements.

The release of the results means that the major league investigation into the Mariners is over. The Mariners will not be subject to any punitive measures from the major league. But in December, Dr. Martin sued the Seattle Mariners. The end of the major league investigation does not mean that the Marines have avoided all the trouble. The mariners and Martin will also face each other in court.

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