Installation procedure of car sticker

Tools: iron on transfer film, cloth, scraper or credit card


  1. Clean the car body and sprinkle water evenly on the body parts to be pasted — to reduce the viscosity of the iron on  stickers and facilitate the adjustment of position;


  1. Determine the position that needs to be pasted. Slowly paste it on one side, gently scrape it off with a tool, and remove the iron on transfer film on the other side (see the translucent paper);


  1. When encountering the door handle or the chafing strip, cut the material and pack it in according to the situation;


  1. After proper adjustment, make sure the general position of the graph is correct, and repeatedly scrape away the water and bubbles by force. Tear off the transparent iron on transfer film;


  1. Draw a knife between the door and sewing, and stick it inside;


  1. Do not separate or protrude the sticker from the body;


  1. Try to let the moisture in the stickers dry, and if possible, heat and dry moderately. Depending on the weather, don’t wash the car until a day or two later.

iron on transfer paper

welcome to to make your own iron on transfer

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