How to Solve the Problems of Heat Transfer Paper

In the technical introduction of heat transfer paper transfer, we will find that we often encounter some problems. Only when these problems are solved can we continue to use and complete the operation. The following I will briefly introduce what problems we often encounter and how to solve them. I hope the sharing will be helpful to you.

Padding materials (cotton cloth, sponge, cardboard, etc.) under the flat heat transfer press absorb ink moisture in the process of transfer printing, which will cause excessive water vapor in the process of transfer printing, leading to the fading of pattern color on the transferred cloth or the occurrence of local air mist or water pattern interference. Therefore, periodic hot pressing before and during transfer printing can improve the situation by evaporating the moisture on the lined cotton cloth. In addition, dry liner materials should be replaced in time if conditions permit.

The printed pattern and the cloth to be transferred should not be damp as far as possible, otherwise, when transferring, especially the drum press, the paper will become soft and wrinkled, and the stripes will appear on the cloth when transferring. And the transfer rate will be lower, the color of the pattern is not bright, when serious, the edge of the pattern outline will melt. The color contrast between dry transfer and wet transfer will be color difference, and the more damp the more serious the situation is.

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