How to deal with the fear of catching fast baseball?

1. Keep your eyes on the ball when you catch it. The time you feel will slow down and you will have more time to adjust the position of your gloves. If you’re afraid or even afraid to watch the ball, it’s coming as fast as you want, and then it’s just missed or smashed.

2. Always remember that the ball coming to your face and chest is the best catch. Because the arm position is the most comfortable and powerful, the glove angle is the best, and the ball can be taken out immediately after receiving. Sometimes I squat on the ball that comes to my chest, so that the ball is at the same height as my face.


3. When learning baseball, you must catch the ball with both hands. The free hand should be on guard at the tiger’s side of the glove. On the one hand, it is not easy to lose the stability of the ball. On the other hand, it is more secure to prepare for catching the ball with both hands. When everything is normal, you can gradually let go of the free hand and occasionally catch the ball with one hand (but it is recommended to catch the ball with both hands in no special case).

Usually I have nothing to do with my friends to play ball passing and catching, from near to far, from fast to slow. After a long time, you will realize that the ball coming to your face is really good to catch, and you will not be afraid of it.

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