How to build CRM system of advertising marketing?

In the initial stage of product production, we need to find out our own positioning first, which is no exception for the system used by the company. Just different from the market products, we should consider innovation, core competitiveness and profitability at the beginning, and have the ability of self hematopoiesis. The advertising marketing CRM system needs to consider how to connect the business development of the company and other business systems.


The first half of the sentence refers to the advertising and marketing business supported and promoted by the system. The second half is to establish the boundary of the system, integrate other business system resources and avoid repeated development.

Therefore, the positioning of advertising marketing CRM system is a one-stop collaborative tool to control advertising marketing nodes. It emphasizes that the function of this system is to improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of advertising business. After solving the problem of positioning, the next step is to determine what to do.

Generally speaking, the corresponding business parties of the system always have many demands for the system, such as the improvement of work efficiency, the unwillingness of other systems to undertake, the attempt of business, and various demands.

As a responsible product, the initial work is naturally to make a requirement pool to collect the requirements. Understanding users and being familiar with the business are the basis for making products. After collection, we need to sort out and fill the requirements. The general idea is to plan the system into different stages and arrange the requirements according to the objectives of the stages.

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