History of biological evolution

About 4.6 billion years ago, the Earth was formed, but it was only a desolate and silent world. About 3.2 billion years ago, the lowest single-celled organisms, fungi or algae, began to appear on the planet. They are the masters of the planet. Fish began to appear about 440 million years ago, when the earth was dominated by aquatic animals such as fishfish13jpg.image.200x200_WPS图片.  About 350 million years ago, higher amphibians evolved from fish began landing, and then rapidly developed into the most prosperous organism on Earth. By about 250 million years ago, amphibians had declined, while hard-headed amphibians were extinct, and higher reptiles had evolved from amphibians to gradually replace amphibians and become the most prosperous creatures on the planet.

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From the Mesozoic era 200 million years ago, giant reptiles began to flourish and become overlords on the earth; on the ground, in the water and in the air, there were dinosaurs everywhere; but at the end of the Mesozoic Cretaceous period 65 million years ago, these arrogant and indelible giants all died out at once; and at that time, they were much smaller. Some of the ancient mammals, reptiles and birds of dinosaurs survived; some of them evolved into higher primates. By about 3 million years ago, a large number of species and large mammals of the Tertiary thermophilic fauna had been extinct, while part of the high primate Archaeopteryx had evolved into humans; then, humans had rapidly developed and flourished, dominating the entire planet. All these facts in the history of biological evolution fully show that all living things on the earth are in the process of continuous evolution. There is no living creature that will last forever!


We human beings are the most prosperous creatures in modern times. We now occupy an absolute dominant position on the whole earth, just like the dinosaurs of that time. Obviously, we human beings can not prosper forever; the prosperity time of our dominance is undoubtedly limited; after a prosperous period, we human beings will inevitably decline or even extinct; and then, a new and higher evolution will replace human beings to prosper and occupy a dominant position on the earth.

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