he effect of SLR HA is pretty good

In the past, warriors can keep a few points for anyone who can fight. Now, ah, who can hit and who can hit rockets. In the last fourth quarter of today, there are four balls, Durant fat ha, Deng, Durant fat content, and so on, all of which are formaldehyde. Just don’t, ah, the screen doesn’t change, Durant calls away directly called curry directly, calls Thompson directly, doesn’t want me to defend alone, Hadden doesn’t change his defense, the effect of SLR HA is pretty good, it’s very good. We should remember this thing. It’s very important. Ah, at the last moment, when Hadden is facing Durant, under the circumstances, ah, phantom or the player must have this awareness. Ha, when he receives the pass from Haden, has to throw in three points. Well, this is very important. So today is a beacon, ah, in the fourth quarter. Durant fat, ha. I told us that it was just the fingers of my fingers. I only Hadden. I didn’t mean that the fat content was the only one. Ah, other people don’t care. It doesn’t mean fat. It’s really just about harden and Hart. I’ll stare at her roommate, right? That’s how it shows a firm attitude.


It’s bound to lock you, hide, live, and lock the children. The last four balls seem to have only one shot. Well, the last three balls are all long-term. Because Durant is really too high, really, facing Durant’s defense, harden is also reluctant to do so. But after passing it out, it’s fine and forms a fall. Wukong, some of the shots are very poor, some of them are very unreasonable. Well, this is a killing move of the warriors. However, if they get to rob seven, Hardenberg Durant and other players should also give corresponding help and memories. This is very important, very important.

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