Gerber made his first appearance after being diagnosed. He looks in good condition!

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On March 16, Rudy gobel made his first appearance. He made a film, shared his recent situation, and urged fans to take it seriously. His attitude has changed a lot. In this appearance, Gerber is in a good state of mind. He doesn’t look sick. He seems to have recovered almost. After treatment, Gerber’s condition is obviously improved.

“First of all, I want to say thank you to the people who have been paying close attention to me and supporting me, and all your encouragement, which is very important for me. For me, my body is getting better every day,” Goebel said in the film. Thank you to all the medical staff in Utah and Oklahoma City. They are very good. You may know that, but I want to emphasize that you should always wash your hands with hand sanitizer, try to avoid touching your face, nose and eyes, and also try to avoid unnecessary contact with others. This is to protect you and the people around you. ”

“I wish I had paid more attention to the epidemic before, so now I sincerely hope that everyone can look at this issue with a more serious attitude, take care and pay attention to safety,” said gobel From this one minute or so of the film, we can see that Goebel’s attitude has changed a lot. He did not ignore the epidemic before, but now he has paid great attention to it and persuaded others. Mr. Gerber has previously donated $400000 and 100000 euros to help others.

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