Content oriented, who will “discover” and “manage”?

“Giving users practical use value” may not be the only proposition that content advertising needs to solve. From the perspective of the main body of the industrial chain, the main participants include advertisers, marketing service providers, media and audiences. Advertising mainly improves the transformation effect. Media owners want to ensure the product experience, while audiences directly obtain the content value.

So we found that: the only remaining marketing service providers in this chain started the “supply side reform”, and the first to raise the banner of “content advertising” seems to be wise choice.

In April, Youdao Zhixuan announced the upgrading of quality products, which means that they have been developing in the advertising industry for 12 years, and have systematically experienced the evolution from search advertising, display advertising, DSP business, mobile native advertising to content advertising.


From displaying products to solving problems for users, from simple visual integration to building advertising perceptual scene, from one-way promotion to two-way trust, from displaying commodity price to transferring use value. The interpretation of content advertising by Youdao Zhixuan is really in place.

But the latter problem is that when it comes to the specific product form, it is not easy to produce high-quality advertising content and integrate it with the user’s use scenarios.

If you open Youdao dictionary, it’s not hard to find that: in columns like “Youdao EF star class” and “foreigners watching“, advertising has almost integrated with the value content that users are interested in. But if we lack the ability of further content discovery and management, and if we can expand the scope of content advertising reform, it is too early to make a conclusion.

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