Contemporary artists’ understanding and creation of monochromatic oil painting

Most of the new generation artists combine their pursuit of life value with the academic painting techniques, and Yu Hong is the representative of the new generation artists.

As early as she studied in the middle school affiliated to the Central Academy of fine arts, Yu Hong showed a very solid foundation in sketch, which laid a solid foundation for her later creation.

In 1989, Yu Hong created a number of works with monochromatic tendency; in 1990, Yu Hong participated in the joint exhibition of “the world of female painters”, and initially established her own artistic style with a number of monochromatic oil paintings. After a long period of time, her oil paintings mostly use monochromatic artistic language. For example, in the series of pink human body and red portrait created in the early 1990s, the strong monochromatic meaning can be heard from the name; in the series of genealogy in the mid-1990s, Yu Hong chose monochromatic characters with different hues to represent the ancestors of the family and reflect the cycle of life; In the series of witness growth, which was created in the late 1990s, she based her personal growth process on her daily life, with a strong autobiographical nature, and reflected people’s emotions in the social background at that time. Liu Manwen, a well-known contemporary artist, is also good at using monochromatic way to create oil paintings. For example, her representative work “plain life” series, with a dull gray tone throughout the work, all the characters are monochromatic, and the work shows


A kind of potential uneasiness, resentment, helplessness and struggle indicates the contradiction between the inherent values of society and the pursuit of women’s ideals. Each work is full of the artist’s hard work, is the crystallization of the artist’s life and sweat. Liu Manwen did not choose exaggerated color to express his inner resentment, but calmly chose to restore his real life to the picture, using monochromatic painting language to express the depression of his environment, which also indicates the inevitability of the outbreak. In his works, Liu Manwen uses black and gray of different purity to express the feeling of childishness, suggesting that the family has a lot of conceptual constraints for a woman, squeezing her too much time and energy.

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