College teammate coach recalls the funny thing about Kawhi Leonard: he said he was a rebounder man

The Raptors can achieve such great success this year, and the arrival of Kawhi -Leonard is inextricably linked, his performance at critical moments, repeatedly help the Raptors through difficulties. The Athletic recently conducted in-depth interviews with coaches and teammates of Leonard’s University years. They said that Leonard’s two-year college years were no different from his present one, both modest, low-key, diligent and somewhat dull.

Speaking about the experience of recruiting Leonard, the San Diego State coach recalled: “He may be the most difficult player I’ve ever had to recruit. Because he won’t send you messages on his own initiative, and he won’t answer the phone to talk to you, because he won’t do these things anyway.”

Leonard’s former teammate, DJ-Guy, a defender, said: “When we first brought him to meet with everyone, he just wanted to train. We asked him,’ Kawhi , do you want to do something interesting?’ His answer was, “Let’s train, let’s shoot.”

Shelton, a striker, said: “The way he introduced himself was’I’m Kawhi , Hello everybody’, but if you try to talk to him, his answer is’Good, everything’s fine at the moment’, and then he goes to training with the ball.

Leonard’s diligence was in the eyes of his college teammates. The team experienced Jamison and said, “I’ve never seen a player more diligent than him in my life. I usually go to the court early to prepare for the day’s training. I don’t think there will be anybody who comes to the court earlier than I do. But when I got the ball into the court, Kawhi had already trained with one or two balls. I mean, one person trained.

The striker said Leonard was very committed to rebounding: “If he gets rebounds, he’ll say’mine!’ Or’I’m a rebounder’or’I make a lot of money rebounding’.

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