Characteristics of clothing accessories

(1) subordination and wholeness

Compared with clothing, clothing accessories iron on transfers are in a secondary and subordinate position, but at the same time, they have the freshness of The Times and the leading fashion forward looking. Due to the differences in environment, time, culture and other aspects, people have different requirements for dress up, clothing and accessories between the subordinate relationship is also different, according to the specific factors to consider. In modern daily life, people’s dress code in today’s environment, cultural, aesthetic and trend, the dress requirements embodied in the beautiful, comfortable, health, fashion, personality and overall coordination with clothing as the main body, clothing shoes and hats, jewelry and other accessories are about clothing to match the characteristics of the style, color, decoration on the clothing series of form a complete, and the wearer perfect unity.

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(2) society and nationality

The development of clothing accessories iron on patches reflects sociality and nationality.

On the one hand, the culture, science and technology, craft level, politics, religion and other aspects of different periods had a profound influence on it, and this influence must reflect the changes of artistry, aesthetics, craft, decoration and other aspects.

On the other hand, due to different ethnic customs, customs, regional environment, climatic conditions and other factors, clothing accessories iron on letter number of different nationalities and regions have their own different forms and contents.

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(3) aesthetic and symbolic

The aesthetic of clothing accessories diy heat transfer paper is closely related to symbolism. Since the society began to form a class division, the hierarchical system gradually formed. Grade difference also should reflect to dress deserve to act the role of necessarily go up. Such as the emperor, high and low to crown the number of beams, colors, decorations to distinguish the different. The common people can only wear the horn towel and so on, the people can be clear about its status from the clothing. At the same time, people’s aesthetic level of clothing is improving day by day, which can be clearly seen from the development of today’s clothing accessories.

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