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he effect of SLR HA is pretty good

In the past, warriors can keep a few points for anyone who can fight. Now, ah, who can hit and who can hit rockets. In the last fourth quarter of today, there are four balls, Durant fat ha, Deng, Durant fat content, and so on, all of which are formaldehyde. Just don’t, ah, the screen doesn’t change, Durant calls away directly called curry directly, calls Thompson directly, doesn’t want me to defend alone, Hadden doesn’t change his defense, the effect of SLR HA is pretty good, it’s very good. We should remember this thing. It’s very important. Ah, at the last moment, when Hadden is facing Durant, under the circumstances, ah, phantom or the player must have this awareness. Ha, when he receives the pass from Haden, has to throw in three points. Well, this is very important. So today is a beacon, ah, in the fourth quarter. Durant fat, ha. I told us that it was just the fingers of my fingers. I only Hadden. I didn’t mean that the fat content was the only one. Ah, other people don’t care. It doesn’t mean fat. It’s really just about harden and Hart. I’ll stare at her roommate, right? That’s how it shows a firm attitude.


It’s bound to lock you, hide, live, and lock the children. The last four balls seem to have only one shot. Well, the last three balls are all long-term. Because Durant is really too high, really, facing Durant’s defense, harden is also reluctant to do so. But after passing it out, it’s fine and forms a fall. Wukong, some of the shots are very poor, some of them are very unreasonable. Well, this is a killing move of the warriors. However, if they get to rob seven, Hardenberg Durant and other players should also give corresponding help and memories. This is very important, very important.

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Celtic team can form the champion lineup

I tell you, if you want to change it first, there is no way. We have already said that in our previous programs, we have already said why. Right, there will not be too much discussion here. OK, if you want to be pedantic, you can listen to us. Let’s just talk about it. So, even if Owen leaves this summer, right? Will Tatum trade Anthony Davies? I’ll tell you, ah, if Celtic can’t form a championship team, I’ll tell you in advance that he won’t be plotting. Definitely in place, because Celtic team will establish Tatum as the absolute core of the training team, ah, around, it will do the team reconstruction, ah, if Owen leaves, if Owen does not leave, ah, under the premise that Celtic team can form the champion lineup, ah, how could she be traded to Anthony Davis. Well, ferocious, yes, yes, yes, yes, trade Anthony Davis, a cartoon. Do you have this idea? What kind of chips will Celtic team use? What kind of a deal? What kind of a deal? I’ll tell you.


A Tatu, mu, this kind of chip is far inferior to the four less chips given by the Laker team. It’s just too far away. Ah, it’s impossible. So, I personally think that the dose the Celtics make is the policy of fools. I’m sorry. Well, to interrupt again, well, we’ve been doing a long show for more than 10 minutes now. Well, er, er, Rex rabbit is going to trade Anthony Davis. There is only one possibility that Owen will stay in the team, sir. This transaction may happen if Owen leaves early. It’s impossible for me to have a cartoon, just for Anthony Davis

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Kumbo Middleton and so on are tall

The rich man said you will now. Now you can’t say him. It’s not good, right? Because now the Raptors are in the lead. They can take advantage of the victory and chase after the 76ers. Can you say that point guard Lori is not qualified, right? Right? How can the former Iron King become a bear now. Cry, ah, he can all, over Owen, and can be better than Simmons, ah, no, it’s not so said, so let’s talk about the team, ah, say again, the Bucks also have good point guards. Yes, Brad Soxhlet, Mapei? Right, point guard is your own responsibility. First of all, you have to do a good job in the organization. Is the left hand a player like this? It’s not such a player. Ah, bradeso, can one be better than Jay brown. It’s better than Luo and Qi’er, ah, maybe I’m not just for VB in my county, right? Or I’m on my own. Kumbo Middleton and so on are tall and can hold the ball. Ah, he can organize. But he’s not so early. She’s all missile soldiers fighting individually.


If he breaks the inside line to make a foul, does he organize it like this? He doesn’t stop it, right? Some netizens say that George Hill is a good defensive player, and he can get two points and three points in the next game and get out of the mobile phone once or twice. It’s not a normal game, it’s not normal. George Hill is a point guard who has no creative ability. You say he’s good. You haven’t seen a better one, right? If it’s good, he won’t be a substitute. If it’s good, he won’t wander around for so many years and run to China Eastern Airlines. Was rushed to Dongguan, things are right, try the situation, project unqualified ah, unqualified, these players, unqualified, play first, oh, unqualified can only go to his substitute, that’s all

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You are equally worthy of respect!

Waiting for the heat to wait until James is the same, but now the warriors are at the peak, ah, at the commanding height, the highest point of power, right? So other teams? Other players? You can’t beat him, so you can only wait for him to get old. Hard on the bitter, harden ah, ah, Paul, Hadden, with curry Durant, Tongling, Tongling, ah, players of this period, then, you can’t do it, right? You really can’t do it. You can only say it’s malunion. Why do I have to be in the same era with Durant and, ah, cool fish, but you, if you know that you are not of the same era, there are other stars, right? There are other more capable and better players, right? Both Durant and James want them. In this way, we have to sigh why we belong to the same era as James, right? Why should we compete with James? If there is no James, the warriors may win more champions and connect the champions. Right, Durant doesn’t need to join in one. He can win the cup by himself in the world. If the thunder team beats James three times less.


If we beat the as like as two peas, we can build a good team of three, and we can rule the whole alliance for many years. Ah, the reversion of the Warriors is exactly the same. We say, ah, only the days when we had difficulties and difficulties, and the day we won the cup. Burst out, the greatest joy of life, ah, warriors are also the same ah, I hope the Rockets, continue to fight next year, not discouraged, not proud

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To Rocket fans!

The match between the rockets and warriors was very wonderful. Ah, some netizens asked us to make a program to comfort the international fans. Ah, I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s just a ball, right? Of course, the audience and friends pay attention to it. My friends are all sentimental people, ah, flesh and blood. It must be sad and sad to lose, right? So you should learn from me, ah, neutral and completely neutral like me. Some fans always like to, ah, pull my sleeve and form gangs. Well, I’m still. I’m still. Ah, when we watch the ball, we’re honest. When we watch the ball, we have a tendency when we just appreciate the style of the NBA. We are O’Neill fans. The Lakers have defeated countless opponents for three consecutive titles, and the heroes are proud of the world.

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Well, I don’t quite agree with Kobe when he is Shaquille O’Neal. I don’t quite agree with him. Well, when O’Neal stepped down from the altar, ah, we fully realized that every star player and every team always have peaks and troughs. Right, so you can’t always be at the top. You can’t use it in the sky. You have to accept the reality and face the reality. The last thing we watch is basketball, right? Ah, after this game, I see a lot of fans say, ah, I’ll never watch the rocket game again, right? I’ll give up Haden’s, I’ll give up Paul, and so on after you’ve been in the new year. Go back to sleep tomorrow, listen to us again, listen to our program again, and watch graduation again, right? This enthusiasm is not changed, ah, heroism is short, love is long, ah, human nature is like this, there is no way to avoid ah, then we have to say ah. However, since it is so strong, the fire line can only wait for the dynasty to be replaced, be ready to wait, so is the warrior. Waiting for the warrior is also waiting for the replacement of a dynasty. It is also waiting for the Lakers, and the Spurs are waiting for the Celtics.

General Ke of Shacheng county.

Curie, he can be a star basketball player, but why don’t you like him. It’s because of his short combination time. As we said, if you give him a year’s time, a whole year’s time, he will certainly play a surprise season for you. Unfortunately, the time is too short. But I think this way of team formation is correct. The whole operation of 76ers has been all over India for so many years. I always don’t know what his name is. Don’t worry. I still love him. I’m the whole one. I’m right. All right. Introduction. Butler. Ah, Harris. Give up. General Ke of Shacheng county.


The crown prince and buerzi are all right, but coach Brown is in a mess. This coach can’t do it. In the end, you say Wei Shao, Owen, smart Owen, understand, ah, at the end of the day, you have to rely on yourself to fight this kind of life and death battle, even though you have run out of food and ammunition. If you can’t fight, you can’t give up, right? Nawei Shao doesn’t have this kind of consciousness. At the last moment, the team can only rely on you. Under this situation, you have to go crazy. Leonard is such a good example. Good performance won the game. Of course, we said that the team won, whatever you do, blow, but this is also the case.

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NBA produces big heart!

Curie fans are really cute ah, hum, I have made such a comment on the program, right? I have made such a response, right? I still refuse to let go. Ha ha, I said, ah, I’m going to prescribe a prescription for you. I hope you fans, ah, have to open a group for you to see. All of you can prescribe one for you. If you can’t quarrel with others, you can’t help it. It’s difficult to integrate and reconcile the contradictions. I don’t want to have more. I said we should have a 76ers team and. Well, this, um, yes, we said in the group that only these cold-blooded killers can make the last shot. Jimmy Butler of 76ers, right? Only Butler is enough in the last time. It’s useless for you to give it to anyone, because it’s too powerful to hit the last goal.


The hit rate is also very low. Ah, the hit rate is not high. 39 heads, 40 shots, 16 hits or 18 hits. Ah, compared with his past hit rate of 50%, the above ah is very low. Ah, but it’s not listening. This is a seven grabbing battle, a life and death battle, and there can be no problem fighting this one. You have to see, you have to, today’s 39 degree 40 super high shots, what we said, the key to create this kind of game, you can only believe in yourself, why do we say that the 76ers team has advantages, he can play star basketball, just because of its star players, he can be a star basketball, but why don’t you think highly of him.

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Davis’s situation is likely to arrive

next year. The transaction value will be lower and lower. Next year, Anthony Davis’s contract will expire when it is finished. Therefore, if you miss the middle of the season, you can only save your education. The opponent can only undertake the contract of Anthony Davis for half a season. Moreover, den Anthony Davis has made it clear that I am not willing to pick up the goods. Can other players renew their contracts? I wonder. Los Angeles, I want to go to New York. He made it clear that his own teams, ah, so other players dare not accept this contract, dare not accept this half a year contract, you can pay some price, if you use the team’s main force, ah, main force, to exchange Anthony.


Davis’s situation is likely to arrive. After the end of the season, the whole team will collapse. Anthony Davis, if you don’t renew your contract, your whole team will collapse because you use the absolute core of the team to do it. In exchange, our analogy is the Raptors if the Raptors can’t win Leonard this year. I think that the whole team will collapse, and some netizens said, ah, almost, after taking the responsibility, they will match Anthony Davis into two giants, and then introduce one of the three giants to play in the finals to compete for the next season. The possibility is very low, very low, because several conditions are not allowed. The first responsibility is a young player, because you don’t know what kind of star it is. You can’t bet on it. You can judge him as Duncan now, and you can judge that he is O’Neal

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Really eat people or scare people!

In my opinion, to play in the western finals is a qualified result, which is a relatively ideal result. Ah, we will play the finals the next year. Ah, step by step every year. Don’t always think about organizing the three giants to play in the finals this year. Other people are not idiots.


Give, women ask others to give you the head to play, this is impossible ah, every team is in, all want to win the championship, are training their own young players, want to form a big three, strengthen their own team, that person is so easy to win the championship, so we said ah, we said before 123 Anthony Davis in. Three when the choice, so you don’t have to, so you can know, no problem, ah, opposite, woman, you are the New York Knicks in the East. I think, it’s good, this year, I can get a champion, but I don’t have to say that the number one is signed, with the probability of 10% 43, 10 34. High probability, ah, 14 times, 10 times, 9 times, you can give me one time, is it 14% of the probability should be how to calculate, some netizens said, ah, because your dream is broken, broken, ah, full of love is to be able to take responsibility or how this is possible. But there is no such plan. New York, the suns and the eagles have three points, and the probability of winning the first place is about 40%. Other teams are decreasing in turn. So, every team of 15 teams has the chance to win this year.

However, we have to say that the pelicans were absolutely surprised to get the No. 1 player. We didn’t consider the number one player. In the case of signing, ah, it was a good deal or a good deal for Anthony Davis. So, now, it’s almost a deal for Anthony Davis. It depends on whether things can move forward or backward. This rhythm mainly depends on Anthony Davis’s current attitude. However, we have to say that the longer the time goes, the longer the time goes, the lower the value of Anthony Davis will be

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Butler shows his butcher’s knife!

Talk about Simmons and Anthony Davis, which are hotly debated now, to get to the point, because the game is about to start. Bucks and bobcats, I personally think, this kind of education is possible. Unless, Tiu’s head is scratched, take Simmons. We have always said that Simmons is in the 76ers team, the team operation is no problem, just. It’s not easy to make up 100 percent, four stars and five stars. How many teams can have such courage and determination, ah, to do such operations and have such ability and results, not many of you pinch, when you can calculate how to calculate and pay quite a lot.


Again, but the 76ers didn’t pay any price. Ah, the young players who feel that they can be traded are just like this. That’s all. They can also take, get or spend some money. A few people are right. When the economic pressure is not great, of course, Jimmy Butler is two kinds. Contact, let’s not calculate, OK or not, is it possible to change Simmons? Let’s have a look at Simmons’ evaluation of this player. I think ha, as I said before, the management level and operation level of the 76ers must be fine and excellent. The ability of Celtic team a and B is excellent. We can see the excellent ability of ball handling of team a and B. Yes, I will be targeted in the playoffs. I will be lazy, I will not be dizzy if I am not far away. I will never shoot three points. I will waste my youth and good time

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