Can’t the Christmas war plan keep up with the changes?

Wade, who just retired from the NBA, updated his personal twitter and talked about suggestions for the Christmas War. Wade thought that as an annual NBA event, the chance to appear on that night should be won: “those teams that perform well should appear in the Christmas War, just like we reward stars with All-Star games.”


In fact, Wade’s proposal is unnecessary, and the league is also very careful about the arrangement of the Christmas War. They will not let go of this great opportunity to publicize and promote the NBA, so they usually arrange two teams with great story. Take this year’s Christmas game, the Lakers vs. the clippers, for example. It’s a group of duels with new hatred and old hatred.

The Clippers star Leonard turned down the Lakers this summer. Since the regular season, the two teams have been arguing endlessly about “load management”. Uncle Leonard’s illegal chips to the Lakers have also been investigated by the league. At present, the core of the two teams will basically appear in the focus of the battle, which is also the effect that the league, the media and fans hope to achieve.

This year’s Christmas War League has arranged 18 teams to fight in six groups. Among the top nine teams in the league, only the heat failed to win the Christmas War. It’s no wonder that Wade has to fight for his 14-and-a-half-year old club. The heat have become a black horse this season. They are third in the East with 22-8 under Butler’s leadership, and they have a spectacular performance of 15-2 at home.

It’s a pity that such a strong team didn’t make it to the Christmas War. However, the plan can’t keep up with the changes. At present, the two teams at the bottom of the western region, the pelicans and the warriors, are able to make their debut in the Christmas war tomorrow. The performance of these two teams this season is disappointing, which is just “a handful”.


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