Basic classification of car bumper stickers

car bumper stickers can be basically divided into three categories: sports stickers, modified stickers and personality stickers:

Sports stickers

Sports stickers, mainly refers to the car sports stickers, field RACES and rally RACES with different models and tracks, there are corresponding differences in the car stickers. Rally car sticker design focuses on the team logo and the logo of the main sponsors, color matching and the team’s overall VI design style, in order to better achieve the publicity effect. Race car stickers often see flames, flags, waves and other dynamic patterns that add to the sport.

A modified stickers

Modified stickers refer to the colorful and eye-catching theme stickers specially designed for a certain model or product by various modification manufacturers to participate in the exhibition or promote new products on the exhibition vehicles. There are also a lot of designs that are the logo of the refitting plant and some of the refitting products, which are carefully designed and matched to match the refitted cars.

Personality stickers

Personalized stickers, according to the owner’s personal preferences and taste, the amount of car customized personalized stickers. Sports, art, practical, all kinds of styles as long as it looks harmonious and beautiful, you can freely choose the collocation, design, to create their own style!

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