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On the teaching method of realistic oil painting

Through the analysis of the current situation of realistic oil painting teaching, there is a relatively old problem of oil painting teaching. For most of the fine arts colleges, in the teaching of realistic oil painting course, teachers mainly explain, lack of understanding of students’ learning needs, resulting in a single course, unable to stimulate students’ interest in learning. Moreover, in the course design, according to the needs of the course, students can’t set up correct learning objectives in this kind of programmed learning, which will affect the timeliness of realistic oil painting teaching. At the same time, in the realistic oil painting teaching, some teachers do not realize the challenge of multi culture to the realistic oil painting teaching, still use the single teaching mode, many students lack of innovation consciousness, do not accumulate creative materials and creative inspiration in daily learning, which affects the creativity in the realistic oil painting creation.

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The world of new coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is putting the global supply chain under test.

To see the novel coronavirus’s impact on global enterprises, look at Apple. This American technology giant is highly dependent on

The mainland makes parts and assembles products for them. Normally, about 50 Apple executives take United Airlines Flights to and from California and China every day.

But now it’s different. United Airlines and other airlines have suspended flights to and from China. Foxconn, which makes most of the world’s iPhones in China, has been unable to get assembly plants back to full capacity since last week, due to a shortage of workers. Analysts estimate the new coronavirus could reduce iPhone shipments by 5% to 10% in the quarter, and could derail plans to expand the production of the best-selling product, airpods. With the spread of the new coronavirus, the impact of the epidemic on business is also expanding. The number of tourists in and out of mainland China is huge.


Fall. By the end of March, about 400000 Chinese tourists are expected to cancel their trips to Japan. A large cruise ship in Asia was refused by five countries and regions due to several – t passengers infected with the virus. Singapore air show made about $250 million for the city-state in 2018, but 70 companies, including Lockheed Martin, cancelled the show this year, and revenues from last week’s show fell sharply. The Mobile World Congress was scheduled to be held in Barcelona this month, but it was cancelled after Vodafone, BT, Facebook and Amazon withdrew. It is increasingly clear that the new coronavirus may damage the global supply chain and cause great losses to the global economy.

The fifth crown in 50 years

I thought of watching a penguin game on the spot for a long time, but it wasn’t until the final regular season home. The game against Columbus blue jackets was also basically determined to be our first round playoff opponent. It’s like spending money on a regular season and watching a playoff. The three-stage system of ice hockey matches enables fans of both sides to distribute naturally to both ends of the court. To buy a seat at the back of the goal, you should first see which side of the home team will attack twice. The atmosphere of watching the ball is the most important. After all, the ice hockey with the size of the hair gel box can slide to the end on the smooth ice surface. It’s too fast to find the ball. When the home team scored, the alarm rang throughout the stadium, and the crowd was excited; when the guest team scored, the whole court was silent, as if nothing had happened.


PI Yi is located in the western part of Pennsylvania, the upper reaches of the Ohio River Basin, and the eastern part of PI Yi lies across the Appalachian Mountains from Philadelphia. On the contrary, it has a closer geographical relationship with Ohio. But PYI has always had the pride of Pennsylvania, not much of Ohio. Penguins are called Penns directly in PYI, which sounds like Penns of Pennsylvania. The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns of the NFL are rivals in the same area. Columbus blue, who joined the NHL in the new century, also hopes to establish a strong relationship with the penguins. However, Penguin fans do not take this new neighbor seriously.

How to deal with the fear of catching fast baseball?

1. Keep your eyes on the ball when you catch it. The time you feel will slow down and you will have more time to adjust the position of your gloves. If you’re afraid or even afraid to watch the ball, it’s coming as fast as you want, and then it’s just missed or smashed.

2. Always remember that the ball coming to your face and chest is the best catch. Because the arm position is the most comfortable and powerful, the glove angle is the best, and the ball can be taken out immediately after receiving. Sometimes I squat on the ball that comes to my chest, so that the ball is at the same height as my face.


3. When learning baseball, you must catch the ball with both hands. The free hand should be on guard at the tiger’s side of the glove. On the one hand, it is not easy to lose the stability of the ball. On the other hand, it is more secure to prepare for catching the ball with both hands. When everything is normal, you can gradually let go of the free hand and occasionally catch the ball with one hand (but it is recommended to catch the ball with both hands in no special case).

Usually I have nothing to do with my friends to play ball passing and catching, from near to far, from fast to slow. After a long time, you will realize that the ball coming to your face is really good to catch, and you will not be afraid of it.

What are the persistent rumors in NBA?

1. Kg can remove the coins on the top edge of the backboard 10 times in a row.

The height of the top edge of the backboard is 3.95 meters. The record of standing touch height in NBA history is Mohammed Bamba, whose arm span (2.39M) and standing

Limuhao (2.93M) has set NBA history draft record. (there is a steel bar in the comment area. You can find the official for me, bohr and sang

The data of the static body measurement. When does the NBA have official body data statistics? How about doing homework

The run-up record is 3.87M for Jeremy Evans.

The record holder of body measurement vertical bounce is new star DJ Stephens in 2013, whose record is 117 cm.

Kg is 2.11 meters in height and 2.24 meters in arm span. In an interview, I admit that I can’t touch it, but jokingly, at the peak

Maybe we can try. .

And the one who really challenged the rebounds was Howard.


Why doesn’t the NBA allow players to wear the No. 69 Jersey?

Four NBA bans

Three of the four bans are for Stars

No hip-hop

No black mask

No number 69

No contact or relationship with NBA Cheerleaders

No hip hop (AI)

Iverson, the top player of the golden generation, was a very strong presence in the field at that time. At the same time, he was also a streetball player. Usually he liked and loved hip-hop culture very much. After entering the NBA, he wore hip-hop style clothes every time when he appeared. After that, NBA players were influenced by Iverson. Since then, the NBA has stopped such dressing. They think such dressing will affect the image of the league, so they banned such hip-hop clothing at that time. After that, they even stipulated that only suits can be selected.

No black mask (James)

In the 2013-14 season, the Miami Heat team led by Zhan Huang had to wear a mask due to the serious nose injury in the previous match against the New York Knicks. Because of the emergency and inadequate preparation at that time, Zhan Huang wore a black mask, which gave a somewhat gloomy image. However, Zhan Huang himself carried a three-point domineering spirit, which made him more dignified .The League immediately banned players from wearing masks other than transparency masks for various reasons.



Gerber made his first appearance after being diagnosed. He looks in good condition!

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On March 16, Rudy gobel made his first appearance. He made a film, shared his recent situation, and urged fans to take it seriously. His attitude has changed a lot. In this appearance, Gerber is in a good state of mind. He doesn’t look sick. He seems to have recovered almost. After treatment, Gerber’s condition is obviously improved.

“First of all, I want to say thank you to the people who have been paying close attention to me and supporting me, and all your encouragement, which is very important for me. For me, my body is getting better every day,” Goebel said in the film. Thank you to all the medical staff in Utah and Oklahoma City. They are very good. You may know that, but I want to emphasize that you should always wash your hands with hand sanitizer, try to avoid touching your face, nose and eyes, and also try to avoid unnecessary contact with others. This is to protect you and the people around you. ”

“I wish I had paid more attention to the epidemic before, so now I sincerely hope that everyone can look at this issue with a more serious attitude, take care and pay attention to safety,” said gobel From this one minute or so of the film, we can see that Goebel’s attitude has changed a lot. He did not ignore the epidemic before, but now he has paid great attention to it and persuaded others. Mr. Gerber has previously donated $400000 and 100000 euros to help others.

There is a kind of street ball called Alston, and there is an effort called HaiYe

There is a kind of streetball called Alston, a kind of hard work called HaiYe, a kind of active call Battier, a kind of speed call Xiaobu, a kind of strength call Artest, a kind of passion call Landry, a kind of hotpot call uncle mu, a kind of mid cast call uncle Huo, a kind of energy call weaver, a kind of footstep call Scola, a kind of Great Wall call Yao Ming, a kind of youth call tmac, have A kind of recollection is called the rocket we chased in those years. ‚Äč

In those years, we chased the complete version of the rocket. If you can name more than 40 people, please raise your hand!

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MLB announces sailor’s “racial discrimination” findings: no substantial evidence found

On February 7, major league baseball released the results of an investigation into allegations of racial discrimination by former employees of the Mariners against their managers and coaches. The independent investigation agency employed by the major league did not find any evidence to prove the racial discrimination claimed by Lorena Martin, a former employee of the Mariners.

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Previously, Martin accused the management of the mariners of racial discrimination on personal social media, calling Hispanics lazy, clumsy and stupid.

During the investigation, the investigation company did not find any evidence that the mariners and their employees violated the major league work rules. There was no evidence of their racist statements.

The release of the results means that the major league investigation into the Mariners is over. The Mariners will not be subject to any punitive measures from the major league. But in December, Dr. Martin sued the Seattle Mariners. The end of the major league investigation does not mean that the Marines have avoided all the trouble. The mariners and Martin will also face each other in court.

What are the benefits of attending Amsterdam transport safety fair?

For more than 50 years, Amsterdam international transport Fair has become the largest and most important transport technology fair in the world. Every two years, important figures in the international transport industry gather at the International Transport Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The highlights of the Netherlands Amsterdam international transport exhibition are transport infrastructure construction, road construction and maintenance, traffic safety, intelligent transport, parking related technologies and services.


Provide a place to display their respective innovative technologies of great significance. The exhibition attracted many authorities and business decision makers from the global transportation industry. It provides the best display platform for exhibitors’ products and technologies. Amsterdam International Transport Exhibition is the world’s largest international transport management and road transport industry exposition hosted by Rai Expo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Netherlands transport show represents the highest level of international transport industry. Since the first exhibition was held in Amsterdam in 1962, it has a history of more than 50 years. As a well-known international fair, the biennial Amsterdam international transport Fair has become a regular gathering of professionals from the transport industry around the world.

By participating in the Amsterdam International Transport Exhibition, people from all walks of life in the industry can fully understand the latest development of infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking industry, and ensure that they keep pace with the times and accelerate their development. The leading enterprises in the industry also take this opportunity to fully display their latest products and technologies in the 4-day industry event. With the successful creation of the Flagship Exhibition in Amsterdam, the brand has also successfully entered the Turkish, Chinese, Indian and North American markets.