A rally broke out in Washington to protest the abortion ban

Washington, On May 21, hundreds of protestors gathered in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington to protest against recent anti-abortion laws passed by several U.S. states.The protestors shouted “lifting the ban” with slogans such as “protecting safety, legal abortion”, “my body is my master” and “abortion is human rights”. Among the protests, most were women and a few were men. Several Democratic presidential candidates joined the rally.








Last week, Alabama passed a comprehensive abortion ban, which prohibits abortion for all pregnant women, including those who are pregnant with rape or incest. The only exception is that pregnant women are at risk of life. Ohio and Georgia have also passed laws prohibiting abortion after six weeks of pregnancy or after the detection of fetal heartbeat.

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Carter, from Rice University, told reporters that as a man, he came to the rally because he wanted men to respect women’s right to make decisions about their bodies. “It’s not about murder, it’s about freedom. Women have the right to make what they think is the right decision on the basis of their own judgement of the current situation and on the advice of a doctor.

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US President Trump has expressed support for the abortion ban, but he also believes that the ban in Alabama is too “strict” and that “rape and incest should be allowed abortion”.








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