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Advantages of heat transfer printing

Such strong market feedback is to be expected, as the aircraft has the following advantages:


iron on transfers Printing simple


It does not require plate making, printing, repeated steps of color, screen printing and thermal iron on transfer mode required by various types of tools, materials. Use a universal printer, just need to prepare an ordinary computer. A operator can be completely independent of the printing operation, saving manpower and material resources, and the way is simple, immediately desirable, the operator’s experience requirements are low, as long as the simple picture processing software can be understood.


Don’t damage


— it can be printed not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; It can be printed on inorganic materials as well as on complex, variable organic materials. With more and better compatibility with materials, it avoids the problems of screen printing and water transfer printing in material selection, as well as the destruction of organic materials such as leather, cloth and cotton by heat transfer printing. It caters to the needs of market diversification, can better provide users with more comprehensive production services.


Location accuratecustomized bumper stickers


To avoid the manual printing house in the position of the deviation problem – universal printer is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation of the past and printing craft, with high technical content of computer generated, and the combination of automatic control technology for better, can be very precise on the printing area and position, to avoid the manual position offset problems printing office. Because it is a one-time multicolor printing, there will be no color matching problem. These advantages can also be combined with engraving and etching in a very effective way. Beautiful pictures can be printed in the engraving area, or precise etching can be carried out after printing, which can also make a good breakthrough in the engraving industry.

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The advantages of iron on transfer

Iron on transfer printing can be used not only for synthetic fabrics but also for pure and blended fabrics of natural fibers. It has the following advantages:

No water, no sewage;

Short process, after printing is finished, do not need to steam, washing and other post-treatment process;

Fine pattern, rich and clear layers, high artistic quality, strong three-dimensional sense, for the general method of printing, and can print photography and painting style patterns;

The iron on stickers printing color is bright, in the sublimation process, the tar in the dye is residual on the transfer paper, will not pollute the fabric;

High yield, iron on transfer can be printed more than one color pattern without the need for flower;

Flexibility, customers select the pattern can be printed in a short time.

custom patches diy

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Iron on transfer features

What is iron on transfer? Thermal transfer printing is a new method to print patterns on various materials. It is especially suitable for making a small number of diversified personalized and customized goods, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to transfer the digital pattern through the printer to a special ink watermark on the transfer paper, and then use a special transfer machine, high temperature and high pressure to transfer the pattern to the surface of goods, complete the printing of goods.


Can be in leather, textile fabrics, organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, copper plate paper, such as arbitrary relatively flat material, one-time multi colour, arbitrarily complex color, color printing digital printing machine, it does not need to plate making, tinted and complex sun board procedures, won’t cause damage of material, since the iron on stickers products listed for industry highly, second additional factory customers are increasing.


1, beautiful pictures, with ordinary hot stamping machine, iron on transfer machine can be completed.


  1. Inktrk iron on  transfer ink is applied, no offset color is required, and the pattern is formed once without color register.


3, with c-aw  iron on  transfer paper, just print out, simple operation, printing exquisite, low production cost.


4, small loss of products, high added value, strong decorative process.


  1. High covering power and strong t shirt transfers


6, in line with the green printing standards, no environmental pollution.


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Classification of heat transfer printing

Iron on transfer printing is divided into billion and heat transfer printing (suitable for a large number of a printing method) and digital Iron on  transfer printing (suitable for small amount, do their own characteristics of the product)

The difference between the two:

Production process of iron on  transfer printing:

Step 1: make high-resolution pictures.

The second step. According to the size of the picture produced by the grid intaglio electroengraving;

Step 3: the gravure is mounted on the printing machine and printed on the PET polyester film, which is then printed into the heat transfer printing film. The finished pattern can be printed for thousands of meters in one hour.

Step 4: install the heat transfer printing film onto the heat transfer printing machine for printing. The operation is simple.

One iron on  transfer press can print thousands of products in 8 working hours a day.

Applicable to ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, glass, wood, coated metal.

Production process of digital heat transfer printing:

Step 1. Make high-resolution pictures.

Second step: print the pattern on the heat transfer paper through the heat transfer printer, hundreds of meters per hour;

The third step is to use ordinary machines such as hot stamping machine to print the pattern on the goods. The operation is simple, and the pattern is shaped once without color register.

A machine that works eight hours a day can print thousands of products.

Can be applied to ABS, PP, leather, ceramic coated cups

Customized wall decals

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Product Descriptionhomemade jersey patches_副本
1.Backing: iron-on, adhesive, hook and loop, plastic etc
2.Border: merrowed border, stitch border,hot cut border and laser cut border
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4.Size &color: (Max 17.5″x13″) and (Max 12 colors)
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iron on transfer materials also have these things!

iron on transfer materials also have these things! Heat transfer vinyl such as lettering
film, hot stamping, decorative film, hot melt film, release film these are familiar to everyone,
we provides from release substrate, release agent, thermal transfer screen printing ink, thermal
transfer water-based paste and glue and other products and materials. To introduce you do not know
or do not understand the heat transfer materials.

1. Anti-sublimation pulp
Anti-sublimation pulp is used for TC cloth and other sublimation dye barrier and absorption, the
product feel rough, inelastic, film is hard, blocking time eat that, the anti-sublimation effect
is prominent, and most of the ink layer adhesion between good, washable not stratified, suitable
for the sublimation of hot stamping screen printing production.

2. The foam slurryiron on sticker
Using high polymer resin as the main raw material, good foaming effect, strong stereoscopic sense,
soft feel, excellent inter layer bonding force, suitable for low temperature foaming hot stamping
screen printing production.

3. The function of plasmairon on transfer
Using water-based resin as the main raw material, the Heat transfer vinyl product has ordinary grade, elastic grade,
used for scallion scallion paste, good washing fastness, high transparency of dry film, can make
the effect of scallion fully show.

Spurs overcom Suns, nonetheless mentor Gregg Popovich tears their team’s perform

The instructor with the successful crew won’t usually lament this experience in the ousted, but that’s just what exactly Gregg Popovich performed soon after San Antonio surrounded Phoenix 126-124 on Tuesday nighttime, indicating the Suns custom NCAA iron on transfer “got scammed out,” even though his or her Spurs assembled “a pathetic effectiveness.” In just minutes immediately after Rudy Gay drilled any buzzer-beater so that you can lift up your Spurs’ history in order to custom electric iron on stickers 30-22, Popovich addressed the particular marketing intended for twenty-seven just a few seconds — applying virtually all twenty-seven to rip his crew — before walking away without having to take questions. “We ended up being actually custom MLB iron on embroidered patch fortunate so that you can acquire the sport,” Popovich said. “I thought many people outplayed us all, outcoached people, outphysicaled us, outexecuted us. We got zero value for him or her and the adventure. Most custom flock iron on transfer of us don’t enjoy the other. It was any pathetic effectiveness, and Phoenix got scammed out.” Main by simply 7 points together with 4:44 still left to play from the last quarter, the actual Spur turned over the actual custom felt logo iron on letter golf ball 3x along the expand, with Arizona turning the miscues within scores. Devin Booker’s grab upon Marco Belinelli having 19.6 ticks leftover generated a new Josh Jimmerson slam dunk this strapped the particular rating in 124. NHL Batman logo To all, San Antonio wholly commited half dozen turnovers within the last one fourth of which Phoenix cashed out regarding 10 things. The particular Tottenham hotspurs also shot simply just forty seven.8 per cent in the 4 . one fourth, as you move the Suns related for 15 of 21 tries (71.four percent), guided by simply Jamal Crawford, who seem to scored eight of Phoenix’s 3 factors inside last framework. Booker, on the other hand, added in the game-high 32 issues upon 11-of-15 shooting. “It would be a sad decline once more,” Suns guru Igor Kokoskov mentioned. Gay unveiled their success through just simply inside of the 3-point series for the still left side while time frame ended by using Kelly felix Oubre Jr .. preserving him. The entire Spur staff mobbed Homosexual on the floor in get together following the taken, although that thrills rapidly gone away as soon as Popovich tackled the min’s afterwards in the locker area. “They counseled me little, thus i just working to get a superb taken down,” Homosexual said. “I understood we were looking at probably going to hop the monitor, i really permit L.A. [LaMarcus Aldridge] break free as well as aimed to get a picture away. This is a win. I am not happy about how the idea transpired. Yet we were the particular win, that is certainly element of as being a excellent crew. You should obtain methods for getting victories.In Washington today custom MLB logos iron on transfer is found eight online games previously mentioned .five-hundred initially just about all period, nevertheless challenges upon safety have got been released with new tours. “We’re simply not seeing that bodily as we had custom glitter vinyl iron on transfer been whenever we have been seriously actively playing perfectly,Inches Spur guard Derrick White colored explained. “We get moments in which we’ve been accomplishing the proper issues, however we have not ended up in line custom NFL iron on letter number with it.” Containing triggered lots of instances connected with disappointment pertaining to Popovich. Over the crew’s 132-119 home enlighten a California Magicians on Sunday, Popovich requested some sort of timeout just simply 04 just a few custom iron on transfer seconds to the online game, paying attention to the quickest timeout simply call to get started an outing from the Basketball to date this year. Popovich called for the timeout continue year or so simply just fourteen seconds heat transfer vinyl for clothing into a sweepstakes up against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Whenever Popovich called for rapid timeout up against the Wizards, he or she was attempting to educate any tutorial within “professionalism,” he was quoted saying. “I often say to them things twill iron on letter like, as a pluming company therefore you go to another person’s household and you simply do not get the work carried out or else you screw it up, they do not call you again,” Popovich explained in advance of Tuesday’s online game. “This can be your task, and there is a obligation for it. Not only to perform the job for you, but you possess a accountability for a teammates. There is a plan, for you tend to be variations which get produced over the recreation, along with everybody’s reached take notice in addition to interact. That’s professionalism and reliability, and you learn that while you rising around anything job you’ll be in — anyone guys’ employment in addition to whatever job it could be. “So, I believe from time to time carrying out a little something stunning such as a easy timeout and also demonstrating a modest amount of anger pertaining to within do a straightforward issue assists them to concentration more and be aware that it’s important. Therefore, eventually, the lessons find learned.” Apparently, Popovich carried on to teach after Tuesday’s slim wining in reference to his screaming postgame responses. “It was not good activity, and that we did not implement well down the stretch,” said Aldridge, exactly who guided this Tottenham having 25 things. “But now we have dropped quite a few online games that we should’ve gained. That is a bed that we all style of dodged a new bullet but happened to be victory.”

Kris Bryant Miami Marlins logo vinyl letter number itching for the chance to ‘totally redeem’ himself

Kris Bryant itching for the chance to ‘totally redeem’ themselves initially came out on Kris Bryant declared his shoulder “perfectly fine” and no, he isn’t preparing virtually any checks for the chip on it. He feels so good concerning exactly where he or she and the Pups are in with all the 2019 period nearby, Bryant actually decreased a “Dumb and Dumber” quote all the while talking about how starving he’s for an opportunity at payoff. “You definitely would like to get started out,” Bryant mentioned. “Just becoming eradicated before, as well, there Custom NHL Teams logo iron on sticker is more good than bad. The good is that we’ve acquired more time to recoup and obtain more robust. However the bad is that you simply need to get out there as well as totally receive oneself.” This is a new Bryant with an all new viewpoint. The first time in his MLB job, Bryant failed to get to the National Little league World-class Collection last drop, as an alternative addressing issue after query from his / her locker concerning his / her shoulder as well as the Puppies coming up quick inside the tiny several hours of the morning upon Oct. 3 as the Colorado Rockies painted the particular visiting club house from Wrigley Industry with champagne. “Just how we took place : enjoying so many video games consecutively,Inches Dez bryant stated from Cubs Convention earlier this year. “When you decide to go through the like, an individual kind of anticipate that to look your way. … But sometimes you aren’t getting what you want. It’s kind of best for all of us to acquire our own tooth started inside on our industry. “I think eventually we are going to all study from this and are available by helping cover their any computer chip about our own shoulder.” Bryant and his awesome Cubs teammates view the notion available from several sides of the group of followers that team is incompetent at proceeding further within the 2019 playoffs with almost the same roster because a year ago plus a peaceful offseason through Theo Epstein’s front workplace. However Bryant may be the pending as the best X-factor to get a selection in which “broke” down the extend a year ago. He missed 60 games mainly as a result of remaining make injuries that limited their power even though he or she surely could fit up for the Pups. Considered one of the particular mission’s premier hitters, Bryant instead finished 2018 together with half the actual great hit end result (thirteen) he’d in the novice year associated with 2015 (26), which in fact had symbolized his earlier career low. Puppies enthusiasts understandably dream about the outcome Bryce Harper would have on this offense, yet what NHL Pokemon Logos iron ons about a completely healthful Kris Bryant? “I suggest, the guy was the Newbie of year as well as the MVP,” John Almora Jr. mentioned. “That just goes to show custom fun t shirt design just what he is able to do any time he’s wholesome. I do believe he grew a great deal being a particular person so that as the teammate. Obviously he’s one of the best, when you are hurt and having to be right now there for one with the kids, being limited on the field was challenging with regard to him but I believe he or she dealt with this well. We have been extremely fired up to possess your pet for a full year.” No person can promise Dez bryant will remain healthful all period or even how the shoulder damage is not going to pop support. Nevertheless the early exit was really any good thing inside cover for the two-time All-Star, while he was able to dedicate 8 weeks to be able to permitting the actual glenohumeral joint injuries “settle down” then creating all that strength backup and never have to concern yourself with his / her swing action or moment. Dez bryant continues to be swinging for a while now, but which early-offseason work provides “proven to become just what I desired.” “Not every year will be gonna come out the way you want it to and that’s Okay,Inches Bryant said. “There are plenty of studying encounters in that. My partner and i learned what it’s like to be about the DL and want to end up being on the market as well as perform as well as really feel hopeless being unable to get it done. “I desire there isn’t any a lot more times like that within my job, but the reality is there might be and today I know the way to manage it.Inches