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Morris’s betrayal of Brisbane

It’s not that the team in your off-get off work division can be turned over if you want to. The probability is very small, very small, very small, but because of Morris’s betrayal of Brisbane, there is nothing to say.

The letter caused an indirect loss for the Spurs, and Carroll’s goal can only be said. Let’s add a substitute. It won’t make a big difference. You can see that he is now full of wounded soldiers. This tormented player is also getting older in the first quarter. Supplement No. 3 comes out at the end and supplement is not typical but Morris does.

The candidate for the Spurs, I am now in New York, and the center of 15 million has played such luxurious data and played such luxurious data. There is one that is now, the opposing scoring champion, can you imagine that the sickness rate increases by three points The hit rate increased by 20 homes.

Take it, the ultra-low annual salary of 15 million is 15 million. We said that Bliss is not a panacea or a savior, but it is too important for the Spurs. He has missing personnel at this position, defender line, and mail. Played in the forward position, so the guards.

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The team should respond quickly to strengthen the team

Maybe the three giants, including the Rockets, must be formed through trading, not through the naked signing of the players’ team. Then the Lakers have sent out a lot of draft right now.

Therefore, the bargaining chips that it can trade in the future are equal. Recently, with Leonard and Paul George joining the Clippers. Whether the Lakers or the Raptors, the team should respond quickly to strengthen the team.

There are many young and excellent players in the free market. They should base on the present and strive for it. They must also make a big disclosure of Nader and Paul George when they play the Clippers next year.

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It is also a part of the competition

Paul George, dragged the Lakers to death. In fact, it’s the same thing. Right? You do what you do, I do what I do. You do it on the first day of the first year, and I do it on the 11th and 15th.

Therefore, neither team is a good bird. On the road to the championship, it is also a part of the competition. In fact, there are still a lot of them. It will be released in September, October and November, including the next February.

There is still a possibility of trade for each team competing for the championship. Then, there are rumors that the Westbrook thunder team is going to trade Westbrook. So the next program says that we should educate Westbrook this morning.

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The attack power is very strong

Anthony, Davis, after the trailblazers 4-0 counter attack, 4-0 counter attack, the following offense to kill the Blazers, this lineup is very powerful, in the absence of thinking ah this premise, um, I told the netizens, ah, caucins Anthony Davis, the inside double tower has attack ability and super attack ability. The earth is OK. The Kesha warriors are natural Kesha warriors. This is a dead lineup.

Because basketball, these players, are playing these teams. Generally, one team plays as high as the other. If there are no two players, the attack power is very strong.15926181636641

Is there a team in the league that can control the warriors? It’s because the warriors’ lineup is to supplement and target their own lineup, but they didn’t say which one. Almost on such a maverick, with their own style of play to suppress, ah, the warriors inside the double tower, it is possible, but also very effective and effective, so that other teams are passive on the warriors, but on the Warriors is active, just test.

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It’s possible that the Lakers fans will also like these three giants

Did you make a lot of money? The Celtics didn’t make any big moves this summer. What should be released and what should be left was left.

Walker was a single parent. He came back. So what he lost was only money. His other things and capital had not been lost. Hayward, the contract was thrown out and added. Before the first round of five rounds. Even if it’s six rounds, right, five plus one, four rounds or four plus three three three rounds, the last two rounds. OK, then wesbrook’s Celtics can look forward to it.

Yes, it’s possible that the Lakers fans will also like these three giants, right, Kush? That’s half a giant, 2.5 Let’s go, pants. Add some mess. We’ll make a contract. Come on, ah, I’m Brooke’s feeling too. Bad things can be changed. However, from the thunder team’s view in , from this point of view, the Celtics can lead the two teams ahead of Westbrook’s trade, so the Lakers are in a dilemma.

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But in this period of this year to do the operation itself

We all know, which are licensed goods, ah, and they have all been contracted. If it is necessary to change the situation, we will use Russell’s contract to see if there is any operation, and if there is any chance of remedy after this season, plus 780000 revolutionaries.

There are still certain opportunities, but in this period of this year to do the operation itself, Thomson, ah, the return date is not determined, the overall strength of the Warriors is relatively weak, so Russell should make full use of it to improve the warriors’ record to the front position.

Russell is not worthless or worthless, but still has certain strength, so I personally think that Russell should be used until this summer, er, next summer, after 19-20 seasons, plus Russell’s contract and Green’s 7 million coupon. On the one hand, with other operations, curry green Thompson’s three population price plus some minor repairs and supplements on some positions can also have certain competitive strength in the West.

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The small ball Market does attract big players with ability

Every year, 1.5 million direct bradeso is extremely cluttered. Which team is more suitable for my song? Which team is more market operation? Er, before this thing, ah, it was discussed with friends and netizens. Why does the Bucks have so many problems this summer?

So many contracts can’t be concluded. It’s just a long discussion, an exchange of views, and a hard time to reach an agreement. But personally, I think there are still a lot of problems that need to be addressed, um, reluctantly. What’s the mechanism? The small ball Market does attract big players with ability. It’s too difficult and difficult for them to sign a player. A good contract is better.

The contract is too difficult. So we can see that there are good players. There must be, ah, the players who have contributed to the team. I’m sorry to interrupt. Then these players will sign the players without hesitation. So, poverty, limitation, our wisdom, poverty and restriction, our own.

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Three or more players can fight against James and limit James

Magnifying the routine is also invincible, so we say that we are not afraid of how strong your opponent is, but that you are afraid that the players in the same position have the players who I can match.

Basically, this is the case with the Laker when James was with the Cavaliers. I’m right when I’m right. You have to say that the Pacers have three players in the same position. There are three players in the same position.

Three or more players can fight against James and limit James. So it’s very difficult for the heat to play the Pacers. It’s very hard. The second half will be soon. Well, let’s go on and on, and then I always think the Jazz are the best of the civilian teams, the outstanding ones.

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The playoffs and the finals and win the championship

Let’s look at the back. OK, well, look back. But if it’s really that talented, talented people can get into the playoffs and the finals and win the championship, gf2ep is not Kuri’s, right? It can only be said that there is a chance to fight for it. Let’s talk about why SVP is so important, where is its importance?

Actually, from the champion to the MVP, from the fmvp. So, Sina P may be in the second place or the third place. We’ll just say that it’s in the third position, but you can’t do without it, right? We’ve said that the top ten super companies in history all have this. This is the standard configuration, and this is its attribute. The standard configuration is like a soldier. He must have it. Armor, horses, and long knives, these three weapons you need to have, according to Michael Jordan, you have to use it, right?

Michael Jordan does not have you have that better, the gap between the top ten is there, you don’t have to say whether you are like him. James, and so on, Durant and so on, um, these people wait for them to go to the career score, Wang joke now Owen also want to get, a score, Wang right? H? Harden ah, Wei Shao right? They all have score ah, why? Because this is attribute, right? Michael Jordan.

When the constitution comes to the last minute

It’s impossible and unrealistic to play a small team on holiday. Now the Clippers look at it because Reeves is holy war. Harry is in position 4. If you go up to position 4, it seems that no team in the league has much to do with Harrell. Yes, captain. In other words, harrier seems to have an advantage over position 4 in terms of her ability and state. You can change it, the next higher one, the next strong point, a high center, a big high center, right?

There’s height and physical strength, and there’s height and physique. You need to change position 4 to deal with him. He’s young to him. Ariel is still in good form. You don’t take advantage of you. You’re all inferior. But Khalil is not impeccable either. This player is short of shooting. He doesn’t have three points to shoot. He doesn’t have to shoot in the middle distance. So you just have to stop him standing in the search bar and do whatever he likes. We have always said that zubartz of the clippers is a fake.

When the constitution comes to the last minute, the moment of death, it must be Harrell with a circle of small people. Paul George, a big Harrell, a large circle of small pimples and a small lineup of Paul George, which is their Assassin’s Mace, so to play this kind of ball.

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